August 4, 2002 - Lunch at Hotel Hunas Falls, Hunasgiriya
The 20 mile drive from the city of Kandy to Hunas falls ia very scenic one, filled with tea plantations and spice gardens.  We had lunch amongst these pictureque surroundings, at the Hunas Falls Hotel.  On the way back to Kandy, our ride was briefly interrupted due to the road being blocked off.  Some workers were using a working elephant to roll logs onto a waiting truck.  We had a tight squeeze getting through the narrow winding road!
The Hunas Fall cascades down through lovely tea country and the water is trapped below in a lake, where trout is hatched for angling.
Travelling from Kandy through winding roads wending through an estate of shady groves, accompanied by the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers amidst serene surroundings, we reached the Hunas Falls Hotel.
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