August 1-6, 2002 - The Kingdom of Kandy
Kandy is the city that I hold the greatest affection for in Sri Lanka, for a specific reason- it was the city where I was born.  It is also the city where generations of my kin have lived and prospered.  My ancestory relating to this city, goes back at least to the early 17th century, during the rule of the last Kandyan Sinhalese King, Rajasingha II.
During our vacation, we used my maternal grandparent's home in Kandy as our base camp for most of our sightseeing trips, around the hill country.
Dalada Maligawa (the Temple of the Tooth), is the repository of a sacred Buddhist relic said to be a tooth of the Buddha.
Kandy was the last capital of the kingdom of Sri Lanka.
Kandy was the capital of a Sinhalese kingdom from 1592 to 1815, when it became one of the last sections of the island to be annexed by the British as part of colonial Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).
This picture was taken outside of the room that enshrines the Tooth of the Buddha.
A picture of the Temple of the Tooth from across the Kandy lake.
During our stay in Kandy, we witnessed a performance of Kandyan dance at a cultural show.  The venue was the Avanhala cultural hall of Kandy, which is located adjacent to the Kandy lake.
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