Majesty gives you a warm welcome to Paradise Dreams!

Created in 2002, this website is about the hobby of collecting My Little Ponies. It showcases my own collection and offers you a lot of great features to enjoy.

Paradise Dreams was especially set up to be easy to navigate. Every section and most pages have a navigation sidebar like the one you see to the left so you don't have a high risk of getting lost anywhere in the site.

Attention Visitors:
Geocities is closing soon so I will be moving this website to it's own domain.
The new address is: www.moonshadowgates.com but the move is not done.

You will not find a history section or ID section on MLP's in the site simply because there are so many sites that already cover these features, in fact, in the link and credit section of this site has some of the best sites I have found on the web about MLP's. Make sure to pay a visit to each section of Paradise Dreams and sign the guestbook on the way out tellling me what you thought of the site.

Paradise Dreams recognizes all My Little Ponies new and old. I don't have alot of 2nd Generation Ponies, and aren't into collecting them as much as the 1st and 3rd Generation. However, I still have found a couple and was happy to add them to my herd. You will find all generations of ponies on the banners around this site.

An addition I made, is the Fairy Tails page. This page is dedicated to another toy that Hasbro put out at the same time that MLP's were big. They had alot of similar features that ponies had, but the popularity was shorter lived. I chose to add this section because they were a part of my childhood herd, therefore, they are a part of Paradise Dreams.

Enjoy your stay and feel free to e-mail me about anything related to my site, My Little Ponies, or Fairy Tails.

Site last updated: May 31st, 2009
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