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Wallscroll Greetings fellow worshippers of Knives-sama! I am your hostess, Joyleaf. This MiniShrine is all about the glories of Millions Knives-sama! But also it is to house my Trigun fanfic (as yet untitled), which I, and many of my friends, concider to be the much needed epilogue to the Trigun TV series. Here we will have pictures of Knives-sama as well as illustrations for my fanfic, the fanfic itself and anything else we happen to think of. That concludes this introduction. Please feel free to proceed...

All sprites found here were adopted from HAPPY DONUT LAND!!


Nov 18:
Please check out our latest addition, "Let's Talk About Knives". It's actually a page to rant about any character, event, oversite, etc...in Trigun. There's not much there now, but if anything is bugging you and you'd like to vent, e-mail it to me! Please go check it out.

Nov 09:CHAPTER ONE IS UP!!! Go to the FanFic Library to read it. There are two variants of the cover illustration, so be sure to look at those too. Also, on the same page, there is a portrait of Brin, the character I designed for the story. Let me know what you think of the story and the pictures. More to come...

Sept 10:The photo gallery is up! HTML writing for the untitled Trigun epilogue has begun. But seeing as how the story is not yet finished, it will still be a while before it is up. We are still deciding whether to post chapters upon completion or wait and post the entire story at once. Let us know via e-mail what you think. Once the story is finished, there will be a contest to name it. Stay tuned for details.

If you have something to contribute to the Shrine of Knives-sama, please e-mail Joyleaf.

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