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If you do not wish to listen to the music turn your speakers off.
I did have another way of saying that, but it was pointed out to me that not
all plugins were created equal, so I had to change it.

Feel free to look around.
Know No BoundariesProud to serve Baja

I have noticed, (changing between my two browsers) that somethings work better
on on IE 4.0 than on Netscape 4.04... I have tried to find a happy medium between the two.
I hope you get to enjoy all of my page!!! I will do my best to remedy any problems as I come across them...
WOW, it's been a long time since I was even able to get into this account
and do anything with it. But, now that I can I will try to catch up on what's happened lately.
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Summer's Page
I am going to add a few pages over the next month or so
offering tech tips and or safety tips. I will also be adding an HTML help page. If you have any ideas e-mail me @
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