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i This page is primarily to give me a space to spout my creative ventings about my favourite anime, Gatchaman. This is also known as Battle of the Planets, G-Force and Eagle Riders, because it's been translated into English quite a few times. 

Here, you'll find fanfic, filks and a bit of fan-art. But probably not a great deal about the original series, unless you're after Gatchaman Fighter. If you're looking for actual information, then Ang's Gatchaman Links List will be able to point you to lots of it.

Standard disclaimer - all Gatchaman characters belong to Tatsunoko Productions, Battle of the Planets belongs to Sandy Frank, and G-Force (Guardians of Space) belongs to Ted Turner.


Stella Diavolo arc

The Woman in Red
To Keep the Peace

Other fanfics

A toddler's bedtime story
Zark's Clues
Bleeding Heart - an unromantic Valentine's tale
Introspection - Katse
Mecha and Madmen
Galactor Motivation Scheme

Original stuff

10 Years Dead
Yanayla Must Die

I also have some other work at AstoundingTales.com in their Flash sections


Berg Katse and the Ninja Tai
The song of the Optimistic Galactor Captain
Bird Rollers
My Name is Sosai
Condor Machine
Joe the Thwarted Lover
The Ballad of Tom Jones


Ode to Mary Sue


My fanart is here.

Gatchaman Fighter

I'm slowly working my way through Gatchaman Fighter and creating synopses as I go. These are somewhat rambling and sometimes very vague as I don't actually know much Japanese, but they're better than nothing.

Me. Me me me me me.

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