Hmm, the bathroom. I knew you'd end up here. Welcome!.

I hope to fill my bathroom with scents of exotic and essential oils. I will light my bathroom with candles of every color and meaning. Please check back soon and often to see what's new in the bathroom.

Candle Magick is finally here. I've got some more info to put up but I wanted to at least get the simple stuff out to you.
+new+ Bath Magick

Sexy Baths - more of the above, just sexier ;)

Make Soap! i'm not too good at making soap, but maybe you are!

Essential Oils Recipes very cool.

Essential Oils and their meanings

Herbal Baths A list of herbs to add to your bath to relax or stimulate. Enjoy.

Bathroom Crafts areHERE!
Take a look at your you need to CUT THEM? Better find out what it's going to mean if you do it today!

Coming Soon:
More Bath Oils

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