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Hello, my name is Marian and I'd like to tell you a little about myself.  As a child you could find me in a quiet corner or in a tall tree with a book and I am still an avid reader.  I read all kinds of books, several a week (I'm also an insomniac). I usually have some project going on the computer; from printing photos for albums for the grandkids to keeping track of the Family Tree.  I have always loved cooking and collecting recipes and cookbooks.  In 1999 I edited and published a family cookbook with over 500 recipes that I had collected over the years.  I included our family tree and old family photos.  With the exception of having the pages copied I did the entire process on my computer, it was definitely a labor of love!  I will share some of my favorites on my recipe pages.  I love sewing, crafting and quilting and make most of the gifts I give to my family,  I also enjoy making teddy bears and porcelain dolls.  I started collecting  teapots and thimbles many years ago and I have  several other collections, some inherited and added to and some just grew on their own.  My family was very transient and we never grew roots anywhere so my love of family and longing for roots led me to digging for my own.  I have been working on my "tree" since 1980 and have delighted in finding my roots.  I married young and had six children and have twelve grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, and they light up my life.  In 1990 I was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and had to quit working later that year because of fatigue and memory loss.   In spite of a very poor prognosis I am still going strong.  The fatigue, cognitive impairment and loss of feeling in my hands has made me stop doing some of the things I love and has slowed me down but I haven't let it stop me and ... I do have a good excuse to take a nap!  In 1992 I lost a daughter to breast cancer in September and a son to complications from diabetes in December.  Without the love and support from my family I would not have survived, but I found out I'm a pretty tough ole gal! 
So, take the tour and see if you find anything that you like. 
Be sure to sign my guestbook and tell me how I'm doing.
Come back often to check out new pages and new recipes. 
You're always welcome!
A very special thanks to my sis, LQuiltLady, who had the nerve to jump into page building even though she had just been using computers and the internet for a little over a year.  She has shared her knowledge and encouraged me to take the leap!  Then, she got me interested in PSP and making graphics and designing my own background sets,  Thanks Girl, I love you!
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Thanks, Verna
This globe is a gift from my sister, LQuiltLady. 
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