Honorable Mentions

Here are some honorable mentions of some friends that helped me alot when making this site! (Not in order).

First of all i'd like to thank Thunderhead most of all as without her i wouldn't be able to make a site at all! A page is dedicated to her in the Main Index!

I'd like to thank TaPeIsStIkKy as she helps me frequently with my Ranma section! Visit her site; Click Here

Id like to thank my good friend Lana as she doesn't know too much about anime but still makes a point to come to me site and sign my guestbook! Thanks Lana!

Also, thanks to my good-friend Marria who contacted me and made me aware of the PK OTAKUS website which is made for otakus from Pakistan. Marria's is an artist and makes beautifull art and she does her own unique manga, go to her SITE.

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