Cool Dialogues from Gundam Wing!

This page is dedicated to the cool dialogues from Gundam Wing. One of the reasons Gundam Wing is my favourite anime! I've written out a couple of my favourite dialogues from the end of the series:

 Quatre and Heero on who the enemy is:
Quatre: Heero, I’ve been wondering who our allies are and who are enemies are in this war. I get confused thinking about it!
Heero: Quatre, the ones who after your life and the targets you aim to defeat are always the enemy.
Quatre: Yeah, but what if you found out you were mistaken? Quatre, we’re not mistaken about this, but it’s possible that this period of war has gone nuts!

 Quatre on the zero-system:
Quatre: Heero, that cockpit increases your fighting abilities, but at the same time, you lose control. If I lost control because of that cockpit then I’ve lost something important because of a worthless piece of machinery. I don’t want to lose anymore of what’s important to me.
Heero: Quatre, I’ve got a very clear view of the enemy, if you’re going to be an enemy then I’m going to have to stop you!
Quatre: That gundam is all on it’s own, but we mustn’t fight alone, right? You lose sight of the target when you fight by yourself!
Heero: I can see my target, I see my enemy!
Quatre: There’s still a detonation system left in this suit, if you wont stop fighting, I will destroy these two mobile suits right here! These two mobile suits are the least necessary things in outer space right now, but there’s something that outer space needs even less!
Heero: Outer space needs the gundams, and I’ll fight to defend outer space!
Quatre: We aren’t needed! We aren’t needed in outer space Heero!

 Relena on her role to create total pacifism:
Relena : I can make a well thought out speech but I can't do a single thing to save one person! It's true isn't it? I'm always the one being saved! Is it possible to have peace without using force? Maybe pacifism is nothing but nonsense mouthed off by those who are unable to fight!
Quatre : Get a hold of yourself! What do you expect us to do if you start talking like that?! You have to keep going down the path you believe in! People like us don't know any better, however you've got the ability to provide us with a peaceful place to live in. That's what Heero, Noin and I truly believe in.
Relena : I-In Peace, a place to live in ..............
Quatre : That's right, one day you'll achieve peace, and we'll continue to fight keeping that in mind.
Relena : We will achieve that peace one day!

 Duo on Gundam Pilots:
Duo: Listen to me Hilde, I don’t trust those guys, they remind me of how OZ used to awhile ago…
Hilde: But nobody’s thanking you for what you’re doing now, at least with the white fang you know that you will be treated as a hero.
Duo: I’m not interested in that! I’ll just keep doing my thing as the great destroyer!
Hilde: But it’s so lonely!
Duo: Yeah, that’s the road us gundam pilots chose. We can’t afford to get the colonies involved in any war!
Hilde: You’re all way to kind!
Duo: That’s how we’re able to survive!

 Heero and Zechs on mankind:
Heero: You’re the same as Trieze, claiming to fight for justice to protect the weak, but actually you’re not helping to protect the weak at all!
Zechs: It’s the stronger who create the weaker. It was the strong earth that created the weak colonies and almost drove them to destruction!
Heero: I can’t stand the weak. They’re always nervous of when they might be next attacked. They can’t trust anybody and they never have an opinion of their own! I can’ stand such people!
Zechs: Strong people make them that way!
Heero: Nobody is strong, all of humanity is weak , and that includes us as well!

Relena and Hero on how to achieve pacifism:
Relena: Wait Heero, tell me why it’s necessary for you to go too. Libra is going down, there isn’t any reason left to keep on fighting! My brother Milliardo Peacecraft, and the White Fang have been defeated!
Herro: I’ll make you a bet! Zechs doesn’t think that he’s lost, what’s more I doubt him or Trieze are ever going to allow this battle to end!
Relena: What?
Heero: That’s why I’ve got to go and fight them.
Relena: Do you really think that if you go, the war is going to come to an end?
Heero: I’ll defeat Zechs and I’ll go get Trieze, then the war will be over, afterwards, if you make it out of here, there will finally be peace. This is the only thing I can do for you.
Relena: Heero.
Heero: I promise that I would protect you, but in order to protect you and the earth’s sphere, Relena, I have no choice but to fight!
Relena: No ….
Heero: Please let me fight.
Relena: I wont! No way! Heero, you’re planning to die, aren’t you?
Heero: Believe in me!
Relena: I do believe in you. Yes,  do!
Heero: Good-bye Relena.
Relena: Heero!

 Quatre's and Dorothy's views on why they fight:
Quatre: What is this?
Dorothy: The mobile doll control room.
Quatre: No, I’m positive that this is the zero system!
Dorothy: That’s right, we have connected the mobile doll control system to the zero system, so now you know! My desire to fight activates all mobile dolls!
Quatre: What’s the idea?!
Dorothy: Quatre Winner, I challenge you to a duel! I lost the battle last time round when we both used the zero system, but I’m not quite sure what will happen this time round! So you’ve decided you can fight without the zero system, right?
Quatre: I wouldn’t fight if I could help it! But unless I keep on fighting, you people will never surrender and the war will never end.
Dorothy: That’s absolutely right! Now lets determine for ourselves which is more advanced, the zero system or the bare human conscience.
Quatre: And if I refuse?
How come you’re so attached to war? Why must we go through this?!
Dorothy: You’re so kind, aren’t you Quatre? And what reasons do you have to fight?
Quatre: I have to fight if I’m going to ward of my family’s sorrow.
Dorothy: My father did that! He fought so that I wouldn’t feel any sorrow, and he died for it! That’s why I’ll die fighting a beautiful battle as well!
Quatre: Then you actually hate wars too, don’t you?
Dorothy: No, war is not to blame for destruction and massacre! The enemies we must defeat are in our respective hearts.
Quatre: I believe in peace because it surpasses war, I believe in the heart that hopes for peace!
Dorothy: Then I’ll ask you this, you say that you’ve fought for everyone, but what has everyone done for you in return?
Quatre: I’m not fighting to receive any kind of compensation!
Dorothy: That’s why you’ll always be an amateur!
Quatre: Please stop this Dorothy!
Dorothy: The colonies betrayed the gundams! The colony citizens destroyed your father, and finally the armed colonies declared independence from earth before truly understanding what was going on! All of your battles up until now have been a true waste of time! Your sympathy towards others, too much sympathy towards others has resulted in this worst case scenario!
Dorothy: Why are you holding back, or can’t you go for it? Well you can sure bet that I will! That purity, that softness, that kindness, no wonder you gundam pilots always get defeated!
Quatre: Maybe you’re right, this is the only way I really know how to fight, but it’s because we take on losing battles, that we’ve been able to keep the colonists from the horrors of war!
Dorothy: You’ll never change anything that way!
Quatre: Then what do you suggest I should have done?
Dorothy: You should have become the leader of the colonies and staged a magnificent war yourself, just like Mr Milliardo is doing!
Quatre: Dorothy, you’re mistak-
Dorothy: And you should have staged this war in front of all of mankind, a miserable war that they’ll never ever want to see again!
Quatre: Are you saying that that’s the significance of this war?
Dorothy: That’s right! You can’t do away with wars, Quatre, by just taking weapons away from the people. You first have to change the hearts of all of mankind. If you don’t do that, humanity will …… it will perish just like ….. my father did…..
Quatre: You are a very kind person, kinder than me …….
Dorothy: That doesn’t make me the least bit happy, kindness just gets in your way when you’re trying to survive, it’s more appropriate for mankind to put all their efforts into just surviving!
Quatre: Dorothy, you’re just the same way I used to be ……. You can never stand your own kindness and your own hatred of war, but you should never try to fight your kindness, Trowa taught me that. You have to try and accept everything around you because humanity needs kindness, without kindness mankind has no reason to exist. You agree with me, don’t you? Humans that only think of their survival are life forms that are lower than animals, they can’t even feel for others ……

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