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New update (cool!)

Yes! It's updated, with an update! Amazing, isn't it?

Sorry, been so busy with all these exams, hopefully, once they're over i can settle down again and work on my site!

I just realised, it's been 2 YEARS since i updated anything!

It's crazy!

I just want to update my much to do!

Hmmm, anyway, anime news........



It comes on channel CNX (224) at 9pm i think!

It's very very good, well it has to be, it was created by the same guy who created Gundam, Hajime Yatate (sounds familiar?)

Also, Gundam Wing is back on TV, CNX again, at 8 30pm, i think!

I started reading a new manga series which is pretty old (?!)

3 x 3 Eyes!

I heard it was decent and was pretty funny, so i decided to try it....I didn't find it decent, it was still pretty good though, i guess!

I like Pai, she's pretty cool....!

ALSO, PetBahamut and I have created a new website called Operation Expurgation which is original fanfiction written by us based in the world of Final Fantasy is and is pretty much anime styled! I really love it, but then again i wrote it...But if u read it i'd really appreciate feedback! Thanks!


Visit my really good friend; PetBahamut's Final Fantasy website, i'm not only linking to it cause i feel obliged to but also because it's pretty useful if you're really stuck on anything or just want tips for Final Fantasy! I also feel obliged in a way tho cause i'm always nagging him for hints! I'm only on disc 2 and i've been trying to finish it for 3 years!

Hehehehe! Thanks PetBahamut!

And thus, i conclude my update!

Farewell Dear Fellow Anime Fans!



Hi guys, welcome to MANGAMANIAC'S ANIME PALACE, based on my favourite anime and manga!

I'm mangamaniac (duhhh), you may find the title of my site kinda wierd since i'm a maniac of manga yet i've made an anime site!

HAHAHAHAH (ignore me, i get like this sometimes)

Anyhow, let's cut the introduction short and get to site info, my GW section is nearly finished and my Ranma section and Detective Conan section are FAR from finished!

They're still open so you can check it out, the Ranma animations are pretty cool!

So if you have the time sign my guestbook!




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