Short Stories/Articles

Seawall by Hilath 
Girl in the Shadow by Hilath
Here on Earth by Hilath
Midnight Prayers by Hilath
The Visit
by Ali Rasheed
The Solution by Ali Rasheed 
The Island by Mohamed
A thought by Nadhrath
The Nasty Get-together by Nadhrath
SHE by Sharif Ali
Company of Strangers by Sharif Ali
Unique by Mohamed
Is this Love by Bana Lathyf 
Dead Reality by Schanuha
End of the Rainbow by Mariyam
The letter by Moosa Lathyf
The only
living boy by Ali Anon.
Last among equals by Mohamed
Dhon Hiyala - A sequel


(These stories and articles are direct links to Hilath's website)

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