Till the lilies bloom …

As the breath flows in lungs
As blood runs in veins
You will be shining in my heart
As you’ve engraved ‘you’ in me.

By the views that appeal for new horizons
By the logic that weeds our vision polluted
You’ve sprinkled the fragrance of purity
To me and my beloveds out and around.

You are the one that lowered the log
Me to cross the canal filled with mud
You are the one who couched me to
Combat with introversion and lethargy.

The letters which I protect as manuscripts
Have been embedded with those lines fine
How dare you were not to show writing scripts
For a cold and pallid month and weeks nine.

Till the lilies bloom upon the reef
I stay by the sea to see an ink-marked leaf


Copyright©shuzeeMarch 2005




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