The craziest dream I ever had       My sister     My Pet         The deep ocean         My mother  

 The Forest   Here I am the little horse         Happy Birthday         A Rabbit         A Shy Crab

 My Birdy Pet      Go away rainy day      Sunrise is wonderful      A noisy class teacher's prayers   

   Dangerous Promise            The boy whom everybody fears            Who am I?    

The world will change     A Jungle Paradise     City Scoundrel            Street Rat         

 Haunted House     Wanna Swim?     Brew the Potion     Lonely Walker

The last Unicorn     Paradise on earth     Forgive Me Mother            Death is Only the Beginning         

 Wolves     Surrender     Glittering     Follow Your heart



The craziest dream I ever had,
Going to the moon was in my head,
I rode on a unicorn,
The moon light glinting on the beast's horn,
I took off from my den,
And in space I didn't need oxygen,
Closer and closer I came,
Moon, moon, moon, I chanted the satellite's name,
I didn't know whether it was night or noon,
All I knew was that I was going to the moon,
The unicorn's hooves touched the surface,
The pale light of the moon on my face,
And suddenly I woke up,
But all I saw was my room and tea in a cup.

Sept 2002

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My sister's name is Shaheenaz
It rhymes with my name, Shaahunaaz
She is very beautiful
And wears clothes that's so colourful
She looks exactly like my mother
And loves to crack jokes like my father
At the beach she's even more fun
Together we laugh, walk and run
She doesn't boss around and make people (her) slave
She's the best sister anyone can ever have

(Oct 2002)


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My nice big parrot,
The African Grey my pet,
Nibbles on a carrot,
And does not act like a cat,
Sitting in its cage,
It calls out my name,
I come with a smile, that's not fake,
And see its so tame,
I am full of joy,
When I see it,
My family too enjoy,
For its not a stupid git,
I love the parrot dearly,
So does she,(parrot)
My family loves it really,
Just like me.


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The deep ocean blue,
Goes by in the wind which says whoo,
Glittering gold in the in the golden sun,
Past me the waves run,
It shimmers in my eye,
Lap, lap it says which I take as hi,
The water runs around my feet,
It feels so warm from the heat,
Always wishing that I could be,
Swimming here in the sea.


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My moms a kind old lady,
Who is very nice,
She washed my teddy,
But can't be as quiet as mice,
She spends hours in the kitchen,
And sometimes cooks chicken,
She does have a serious face,
And walks at a quick pace,
Her name is Hafeeza,
I think the world of her.


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It is dark in the forests,
The wild birds snuggle in their nests,
You here the roar of an animal,
And you wont find it dull,
You here the sound of a river,
It looks refreshing you wish you were a diver,
The river may end in a waterfall,
It looks wonderful the waterfall whole,
The thicker it gets the more you run,
Soon you may not see at all the sun,
This is how a forest is like,
You may want to come here on a hike.


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Here I am,
Like a little lamb,
I am a little horse,
Jumping over grass and rose,
Helped by an energetic mother,
You'll notice me from a distance farther,
For I am jumping all over the place,
And with other horses I race,
I am one of the strongest,
As well as the bravest,
Unlike others I don't fear the buffalo,
In fact, I like to say hello,
I grew up to be a stallion,
For a guardian I had a falcon,
I became a leader,
To all the others I am their feeder,
I protect my land from strangers,
And protect others from dangers


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Oh what a happy day it is,
It's birthday of his,
My friend's birthday,
It is a happy happy day,
Everyone sang 'Happy birthday to you',
I said 'Without you what can we do',
I gave him the present I bought,
The cake his father brought,
With joy he cut the cake,
Everyone's smile weren't fake,
Tears of joy went down,
Nothing made his joy drown,
I was happy for my friend,
And that was the end.


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I saw a rabbit,
Come out of a burrow,
I have a habit,
Of making friends,
Gently, I held out my hand,
The rabbit disappeared,
Sending a shower of sand.



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A shy crab,
Came out of its hole,
I made a grab,
Down the hole it went,
Disappearing whole..



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My Birdy Pet

My birdy pet, flew out of its cage,
I hit out at it in rage,
Unhappy and sad the bird flew away,
I yelled to in fury, to get down straight away,
I realised I mustn't yell,
So sad and ashamed, down I fell,
'Cause I yelled, It's nowhere in sight,
To yell at it, I had no right,
I put an ad in a newspaper,
I wrote 'If you find tell me at once, not later",
In two days time, I got a call,
I wasted no time at all,
I went to the place where my bird was,
When I talked my voice was hoarse,
I climbed up the tree and saw the bird,
It looked at me, for it had heard,
The bird flew into my hand,
I promised never to yell again


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There are dark clouds,
In the sky,
On the roads there aren't any crowds,
Not one bird is flying high,
Now, we can't see the sun,
Everyone's started to run,
The roads are full of puddles,
The beds are where everyone cuddles,
Wishing this day will go away,
And let a sunny day come this way.



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Every single day,
At sunrise,
My heart says hurray,
Because it's so nice,
It makes the morning bright,
It makes me think,
Oh! What a beautiful sight,
Always longing the morning to stay,
And not let the day go away,
It makes shadows all over the place,
I love the warmth on my face,
I love to stay outside and dine,
Right in the beautiful sunshine


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Oh! Allah, please help me,
Quiet this class be,
Disturbing always,
Goes by the same days,
Throwing paper balls at each other,
I pick 'em up like a class mother,
Shouting every other time,
Black stars by them fine,
Allah help me, or else who,
When will my prayer come true.



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Sam made a promise to eat all the time,
To become fat is by him fine,
So he began to eat,
Soon he grew fat arms and feet,
He continued to eat until,
He finally fell ill,
Sam broke his promise,
He didn't eat such a big dish,
Now he is fit and healthy,
He swore never to become fat and flabby.



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One day, in the middle of a blizzard,
11-year-old Harry found out he was a wizard.
He got a letter from a somewhat owl,
He read it and let out a joyful howl,
He went to a hidden school,
There he learnt magic, it's so cool,
Soon he knew how to make strange lotions,
By brewing some evil-looking potions,
With the wand he knew how to make,
Things levitate, cook and bake.
He was a full wizard within seven years,
He was a boy whom everybody fears.



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How do I find out who I am,
I am lost like a little lamb,
You must go to the East, go to the West,
It's tiring and the way is far,
It's a difficult path, a dangerous quest,
If you want to know who you really are,
You must go in the rain,
Get tired again and again,
Or you can turn back around,
And run along home,
Like a frightened hound,
To help we'll do the best, you do the rest,
Who wants to go on this dangerous quest,
Unless you want to know
You truly want to know,
Who you really are,
You will go that far.



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The World in we wander is wonderful and strange,
The truth we really know is everything'll change,
From the planes to guns it will all change,
Guns'll be all big for people to get revenge,
The palaces will be bigger than ever,
Perhaps people will make them stand forever,
It will be pills we eat next for food,
To build houses, there'll be a change in the wood,
To rule the world there'll be 1 king,
More new songs we will sing,
If these aren't the changes, then what are,
The future seems so very far.



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A paradise untouched by man,
It was as small as a pea when it began,
Gorillas is the family who live here,
They live all alone so no fear,
But in here no doubt danger,
Is not at all a stranger,
For one cheetah lives there named Sabor,
The gorillas live away for,
There own safety and sake,
But a cheetah is always a fake,
It comes near and hunt at night,
Always a little baby's gone when light,
No words describes a mother's tears,
But then always hope she hears,
Nature is always these,
If not tell me what is please,
These things and starry skies,
Is what we call a paradise.



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City Scoundrel

One minute he is in Central Park,
Next he is running away on the mark,
Cos they can't catch him,
The dogcatchers have curled lips,
No wonder because of him,
Always give them the slips,
The City Scoundrel is none but he,
The dog agrees and says it's me.



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Street Rat

There's an Arab man with rags and a hat,
Everyone there calls him a Street Rat,
Because food and drinks he steals,
And then as quick as anything he leaves,
The guards of Sultan has frowning lips,
Because he gives them the slips,
But the young man has a bright heart,
He won't be a theif forever for a start,
He would live in a palace some day,
He'd live happily ever after from that day.



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Haunted House

Haunted houses are always terrifying,
With big monsters so horrifying,
Shattered windows, cobwebs dusty,
Icky spiders, smelling musty,
Squeaky mice, schreeching owls,
Screaming Banshees filled with howls,
Strolling skeletons, whooshing ghost,
I won't go there in their worst,
Nothing's gonna change my mind,
I know what scary things I'll find.



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Wanna swim?

Take an hour of swimming,
Hear the waves ringing,
Your arms swing like a windmill,
As you happily pull at the water,
Your legs splash like a dolphin,
Swimming cools you up if you'r hotter,
Swim with the fish, swim with the whales,
Swim against the ocean current gales.




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Brew the potion

Hair of a wolf, eyes of a bat,
Guts of a newt, tail of a rat,
Three tarantulas, voice of a banshee,
Can you brew this potion like me?
Add six earth worms,
Colour they forms,
Ingredients are these,
No more sugar or cheese,
"Hitlery hitlery hitlery heat,
Turn me into a Spongify Tarancreat",
The magic words the witch hisses,
Then she adds a touch of livers.



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Lonely Walker

I tramp down the stairs so lonely,
Of that big house of my family,
The rooms below and above,
Are always filled with whom I love,
And yet I wonder why I am so lonely,
All this time I've known my name,
But I don't know who I am,
There's some bare space inside me,
Filled with nothing but perhaps air?
How many people around here,
Has that feeling so rare?
I'm surrounded by friends,
Laughing and joking , so free,
But how many of them,
I wonder really knows me,
I always get that scary feeling,
That my "friends" don't want me at all,
Should I jump off a large cliff,
And end this all?
Passed by has many a night,
When I am up way past midnight,
Praying to God by the window,
Staring at the cresent moon,
For the joyous day when,
I'll meet that honest friend,
Who will truly understand me.




In the distance I saw a glimmer
Through the darkness of the night
What seemed like a mare
Glowing silver in the moonlight
As I approached the mare
I realized what it really was
With her long seashell horn
Stood the last unicorn
I stared at her amazed
She stared back my way
Then turned and galloped away
Leaving me dizzy and dazed
No one saw her after that
I couldn't believe my luck
I've seen the last of her kind
The unicorn's still on my mind.



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The light from the stars fell on the sand
The moonlight turned the ocean to silver
I scooped up the sand with my hand
And dipped my feet into the water
T'was a quiet and beautiful night
Before I knew it, it was midnight
The big bright moon smiled down at me
And I felt like I was completely free
In the cool water my feet slapped
I listened silently to the lap, lap
Of the water all around me
My life suddenly seems so happy
You know what they say?
There is paradise on earth
I didn't believe it, but tonight
I know it is really true..



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Forgive me Mother

I remember those dazzling dark eyes
That beautiful mysterious smile
How much I have ever loved her
Before my warm heart turned to ice
All that love she had given me
Made me feel so happy and free
To return that love, I failed
All her love, went down the drain
Today, I cry for what I had done
Years ago, oh, we had such fun
Today she's no more because of me
Now I feel trapped instead of free
Please forgive me, I beg of you
I am sorry mother, it's really true
I plead, kneeling by her grave
Please forgive me, I really loved you.



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Death in only the beginning

When I was young, I was afraid to die
And at the very thought, I used to cry
Now I wonder, as I stare up at the sky
Would someday, I go up there?
Death is such a great mystery
Perhaps even more for me
The answer I got from everyone
Up there was hell and heaven
Life on earth feels like a dream
A dream that is really a test
To see how much we worship God
And to win that I'll do my best
The day of resurrection is getting close
To which I an preparing for, because
I am praying to get
A gift no one can get me but Him.



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They bay malevolently at the moon
Saliva dripping from their venomous fangs
The deep music of their voices
Spread through the woods in a deadly tune
Their needle-sharp claws gleam silver
In the dim white moonlight
The bloody red of their eyes
Glows through the darkness of the night
Under the full moon they sit
Mesmerized by the light
Their brains brimming with wit
As the plan to kill their next victim
Roaming the lands
In the deep darkness
They are all fiends
The lords of the night.



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Mysterious voices I hear
Whispers of the trees
A sound so wondrous and enchanting
But it fills me with fear
I feel their eyes following me
As I stagger drunkenly past
Their hands claw at my body
As if they too are after me
Light from the waning moon
Penetrating through the dark canopy of leaves
Tells my concussed brain that soon
The cold merciless that hunger for me
Will soon fall upon my bloodstained body
I try not to utter a sound
At which I fail desperately
Loud groans escape my lips
And my feet crushes the twigs on the ground
The pain in my heart, beating in my chest
Intensifies, second by second
But not 'cause of the poisoned bullet in my breast
But the weight of the sins and crimes committed
One hand presses against the painful wound
And I feel the poison spread away left and right
While the other clutches the bloody dagger
Which has slain so many lives tonight
My shaking knees give away
And I collapse to the ground
The invisible weight upon my shoulders
Pushes me forcefully down
The dagger slips from my numb fingers
Sharp painful gasps tumble from my mouth
The cold deafening silence that lingers
Pounds away in my ears
The blade gleams dangerously in the light
The innocent blood glares at me
And then I remember that kind, loving face
Which I had killed viciously tonight
The sight of her crumpling away
The innocent outraged bystanders I had stabbed
Swishes of the dagger just to get away
Is haunting me, is torturing me
A life once full of expectations and glory
A life which once had a future
A life I could have got if only
I had not thrown it away
Decency, Loyalty and Innocence
Are no longer a part of my soul
Or perhaps, I do not even have one
For I certainly have no heart
Brutality, Cruelty and Wickedness
In less than a second you can gain
But let go of your wisdom and kindness
You can never get them back again
I knew not what I had
Until I had truly lost it
And now it-she is never coming back
Never coming back
The salty tears mingle with the blood
I raise my head and looked up
At the patches of heaven above me
I surrender to someone I know not
And someone above me smiles
And I realize to whom I have surrendered
He is the all merciful
And gives me a happiness I have never felt
Perhaps, He has forgiven me
But will the victims of tonight forgive me as well?
Heaven is beneath my mother's feet
Without her forgiveness I will have no peace
But there is a chance that I will find happiness up there
A happiness which I have never found down here..




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A glittering Star

Be alone if you must
But be a person worth of trust
Don't be proud, cruel, a freak
But be special and unique
In a world of trouble and of war
Be the one person of peace
In a place of lingering darkness
Be the one spot of light and glow
Like a single home-like planet
In the most remote corner of space
Be the one glittering star
On the edge of a dark horizon..



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Follow your heart

Follow the voice
That beckons you home
Follow the wind
That makes your soul fly and roam
Follow the sounds
That whispers softly in your ears
Follow your heart
That leads you through your fears



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