The Longing

In my youth
thriving near our home
thrived a meadow
musing in butterflies,
loving the earth in wildflowers
and here
I would frolic for hours
for companionship
when I had no one.
And now,
as my memory allows,
I write this
in the presence of friends
for the meadow which was once mine.

In the Whispers of Eden

It appears every sunrise,
the dew reflecting my tired eyes
and like lightening in a thunderstorm,
the flowers electrify my vision,
calling my name in colors,
capturing my breath
and I become enraptured,
again and again
and my happiness rides
on the rays of sun,
feeding the soil
and the flowers nod,
smiling back at me.
My name is whispered
and in a vision of vibrant colors,
I realize I know Eden.


The river smiled today,
inviting me into sharp shadowed stillness
in faces of trees
enthroned upon the shore.

Gloriously crowned in white,
unrivalled eyes of an eagle
befriended the soul of the wilderness
and I longed to be able to fly.

The calm, placid water
mirrored deep soaring wings
and I and the river
profoundly sighed.

The Captivation

A blazing forest
appeared surrealistic,
incandescently glowing,
flaming in orange.

Windswept trees
luminously golden
seared into darkness
within an amber fire.

The night brings
incomparable dreams
in a thousand blazes
of lesser sunsets.

The Watercolor Painting

The master artists
prismatically painted
in perfect chromatic colors
of pastel hues, iridescent
upon a canvas of grey,
seizing my eyes and mind.
They possess expert techniques,
the sun and rain.
I wonder if heaven looks upon rainbows?

Sojourn In The Sky

In a thousand clouds
my eyes sang
to the thundering silence
of a grand voyage.
An eagle's flight
defined poise,
trumpeting lyrics,
perfectly balanced
in azure harmony,
and solitude befriended me.
Most deafening
is the silent song of soaring wings.

Sand Painters

In an amber sunset,
I walk the beach
watching wind blown waves
scatter colored stones
in constellations
upon the shore,
years of stones,
washed and worn
brushed to shore
within airs of white crests.
The night is calm,
and I belong to the kingdom of waves
loving a rippled moon's reflection.

The Conversation

On a country lane
she beckoned my attention,
her lazurite eyes
rippling to shore.
In a trance like state,
I heard her silent words
of aquamarine serenity.
I told her it wasn't fair
that she merely appears
and is beauty
and that I,
of human nature,
must ponder my mind
for equally impressive thoughts
to describe her.
I listened
while she defined herself
in gemstone hues of silent waves.
I mused in my reflection,
but fell captive
to the lake's silent reverie
again and again.

Copyright LuciaHaaseİ2001


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