Nature puts me deep in wonder,
rain with sunshine, wind & thunder.
So wild but beautiful & tender,
colours & features differ the gender.
With my eyes closed my mind wanders,
in thoughts that grows the heart fonder.
How a bird grooms its wings,
how it talks, flies & sings.
How big trees come out of seeds,
all the plants, grass & weeds.
How the change in wind & tide,
help the sailors & become their guide.
Science & tech on the run
nature is the great one.



Being on my own,
I was all alone.
With my feelings torn,
& my soul out worn.
My companion was darkness,
& a conflict with madness.
My life straightened out,
Aware that you’re about.
Still I face the sadness,
For love own its blindness.
Though your smile means another name,
I want your smile all the same.
I love you…
I love you very, very much,
I love you too much.


June 2004



Dedicated to My Beloved ; "Fiuna"


After a long tiring day from work,
I returned home yet again,
my heart desired to see her face.

My eyes scanned the living room as I went in,
to see her lay asleep on the couch,
her beautiful curls hiding half her face.

I set them back and looked in her face,
her long lashes closed,
the rosy cheeks soft and mild,
a soothing smile on her lips,
lay there my angel.

I sat next to her and sighed,
thanking God for this precious gift,
which meant the whole world to me.

I awoke from my thoughts,
as I felt her hands around my neck,
and her delicate lips on my face.

I smiled back,
And planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Daddy’s home”;
I smirked at my four-year-old baby.





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