And I reject the " I",
For what am I
In the colors of your eye?
I became nothing but
This feeling that I feel.

Water and food make life,
Your touch and your look
Keeps me alive.
And without the latter
The first is no more than
Death living inside me.

Love you
And I reject the" I".
My body is bigger than this world,
And my soul is larger than its breath,
But my heart is
No more than slow beats,
Falling mute on your chest.


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Darling of a night fragrant breath


Darling of a night fragrant breath,
A star of a constellation never seen before.
Under the moon's wistful eyes you were drawn
In crystalline verses I wrote and read.
To the hiding soul of a relic, I serenaded you
A song that shook the stony ages
Of rocky mountains, of worn out pages.
You belong to a rare faculty,
Foreseen by heralds condemned to death,
For you never appear to the ordinary.
Darling of a turbulent stream


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A beacon from her eyes


Trees erect ,concealing
The flesh of an oldest feminine realm,
The abode of a novel worshiped
By souls of no time .
I rose in birth ,
Emerging from a creek
Amidst trees of wilderness
And voices of many years alike .
In golden array ,a caftan of light,
I walked barefoot ,not intimidated
By the alarmed looks in their eyes.
A beacon of the sun's light
Blessed me with love and beauty.
A life so deserted but dwelt
By memories in exile, by those ,who
From their own flesh are born
And raised from the bottom
Of a virgin deep creek.
On the green field of wilderness,
I lied ,enjoying a bed of
No personal property,
Enlightened and distinguished
By my sun's warm beacon,
The same one reflected from her.


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A temple on her bed


My heart , a cemetery of lovers dead,
My pilgrimage rests in her room so I can pray,
What is my religion but a temple on her bed!

My life is in the pace of a heart that has fed
On feelings thought to be of the one, I never stay,
 My heart ,a cemetery of lovers dead.

We were an Aries and a Leo, an ecstasy that fled
On a shining wing, and  we, from Venus, fell astray,
What is my religion but a temple on her bed!

In the Arabian nights, I'm a chapter in bright red
Many take me a villain to be slain like my prey,
My heart ,a cemetery of lovers dead,

She's a mosaic, a lure to my totem they try to behead,
A song I wrote ,and I composed ,a masterpiece to play,
What is my religion but a temple on her bed!

And I myself a concession of all what is said,
For I am following a behind-me-heart I care to obey.
My heart ,a cemetery of lovers dead ,
What is my religion but a temple on her bed!


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My Friend


My friend,
There are no words on my tongue
That would put me in the convention
Of your words

Where do I stand?
I stand by a sign that bears your name.
I still dwell on the very first kiss,
That ushered me to your house,
A house shielded by high brick walls

What are we? you and me?
Unable to make the right answer,
For I, so far, walk on a thin rope
Hung tight between
Love and friendship.

Your kiss is stock in a box
Of confusion and unanswered questions,
Your shoulder keeps me away
From the sweet lips that leave behind
Traces of pleasure
At the trim of a tea cup.


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I wish I could


I wish I could ,
I wish I could write my life,
And have my finger
Pointed to your heart

I wish I could ,
I wish I could fly and land
On the top of your roof,
I will dance to the moon,
And I will awake the sparrows
To join my circle of joy.


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