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Hello fellow fan fic fans (Try saying that 3 times :> ). If you are viewing this I can only assume that you wish to have your fan fic archived here. I would be delighted to archive your work. You can submit your work in a number of ways.
1. By joining the DataAnnex mailing list, and submitting through the list. This has the advantage of getting instant feedback from other people (I hope!), and of being notified when the archive updates.
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2. By E-mailing me at either, or at

3. By filling in the form below. The textarea is unlimited so if you'd like you can submit direct from this page, or just send the summary and I'll get back to you.

Please be sure to check below for submission guidelines and welcome to the family!

Submission Guidelines


Series and Works in Progress
Works in progress will not be archived. All stories must be completed before they are archived. Series are fine as long as each story is complete.

A disclaimer, stating ownership of any previously established characters or events must be attached to the top of your story


A short note about what fandom you would like your story archived in. It should be included in your submission email or form. If your story belongs to more than one fandom it will be archived underneath crossovers, and cross indexed in each separate fandoms archive.

All stories will be archived in HTML format, however it is prefered that all work be submitted as plain txt, with a blank line between paragraphs.

Rating and Summary
A rating (G,PG,M,R) should be included at the end of your summary, however it is not necessary as the archivist will assign a rating to any piece of work submitted without a rating. A brief summary should be included in your submission email or form, unless you want the archivist to write one for you.

Submission Form

You can submit your story either by: a)filling in the form below or b)emailing, or c)joining the DataAnnex list, and submitting through the list.

Thank you for your submission. Look for your fiction in 1-2 weeks.

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All rights to the characters, events and places not public property, reside with their creators, whether that be the authors of these stories or the original creators. No profit is made off of them. Look to the disclaimers attached to the top of each story for more detailed info.

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