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Author's Pages

Project Silence

Challie B.
Dangerous Innocence

Dieben DotCom.
This site host all of Dieben's and some other X-Men fic. Also hosted, pictures, and info on the X-Men movie.

An A/C Shipper Site.

Pam Jernigan
Pam's Fanfiction

Khaki's Med Lab
Kahki's fiction, mostly with a medical slant.

Karen Lively
Quantum Fiction Archive
Self explanatory. You'll find some terrific fiction here.

Honour H.
Again excellent fiction. Devoted mostly to Xena and Hurcules, with some guest stars thrown in.

Ice Dragon

Jan Monroe
Jan Monroe's Voyager Page
Mostly P/T Fan Fic. Boy can this girl write.

J. Madigan
The Night Owl
Dawson's Creek and a Gilmore Girls Fiction.
Roswell fiction.

Julie Jekel
Julie's Fan Fic Page
I highly recommend checking out the multiverse.

Joanna C
This is the site for all of Joanna's work. Angel, Buffy, Crossovers... all of these and more.

Lady Starblade

Necia Borba
Necia Borba Pretender Fiction
The title is pretty self-explanatory. This is worth a look, as this girl's fiction is brilliant.

Darth Maligna
Darth Maligna's Page
Meet Darth Maligna. This girl has a terrific sense of humor!

M. Jade
Jade Roze

Mac has some excellent X-Men (Movieverse), Higlander, and Xena fiction.

Rachel Smith
Rachel's Fan Fiction

Sorcieré's Madhouse

Verin Haley
Verin Haley's Fiction
Mostly Highlander fiction.

The Peep Hut
Some excellent X-Men Fiction

Victoria P.
The Muses Fool
Some wonderful X-Men and Buffy/Angel fic can be found here.

Tonya Cooksey
Love for an Angel

Troll Princess
Some excellent X-Men and Buffy Fiction.

Nic's Fanfic

Fandom Pages


Angelic Intentions
An A/C page. Information about the show, ship types, fiction, spoilers, reviews.

Sonja Marie's BtVS/AtS Fanfiction Links
The Largest BtVS/AtS Fanfic Links Directory on the Net. One section of the Largest BtVS/AtS Links Directory on the Net. Updated Every Tuesday.

City of Angel

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer

Official Buffy Webpage
The official homepage for Buffy: tVS.

Sunnydale Slayers A small 'collective' of really nutty people (and I mean that in a good way ;->) who review episodes, and write some truly terrific fiction.

Days Of Our Lives

Falling from Grace- Days of Our Lives Fan Fiction
Houses one R rated fan fiction, links to a variety of others.

Gundam Wing

Nil Desperandum
Gundam Wing fan site, with fanfiction written soley by the two webmistress' & fanart by the stories creators! The site is home to one of the longest fanfiction novels, in the Gundam Wing universe (1 year + and it's STILL not done). We don't accept submissions, but we are always happy when someone stops by. We are also hosting an interactive fanfic (similar to a rpg), and looking for individuals to join up? Please fill out a post in the guestbook or regular message board, or email me personally, if you are interested. I hope you enjoy it!

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Zoomway's Lois and Clark Site
A terrific site for information on the show Lois & Clark. Message boards so that you can discuss the show, fic, comparisons between the Superman of different media, and more.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Slashed
A slash-based Lord of the Rings RPG. Come join the Fellowship with a slashy twist! Currently board is split into three factions, Rivendell, Lothlorien, and the Fellowship. Spots available in all of these, but we really need people to fill up the Elfin cities. Minor Tolkien characters, (anyone from the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, LOTR, or any of Tolkien's works), very welcome. Original characters welcome as well. Come check us out, read the rules, and join the fun! NC-17 roleplay *is* allowed, but no one is required to participate in it. NC-17 posts clearly labelled as such.

The Pretender

The Pretender Information Page.
This site provides a lot of the 'canon' or actual information that has appeared on the show over the past four years. It's still a work in progress because, particularly with the new film(s), much more could be added.

Ambrosia's Pretender Page

Pretender Links, Reference, and Fan fic archive

Pretender Links

Prodigy-Net Australia
Prodigy-Net Australia is the home of the 'Prodigy' series, a series of FanFics derived from the popular TV show 'The Pretender'. Written in the format of a television series, Prodigy follows the adventures of several young escaped Prodigies and their counterparts at The Centre.


Skewed Believers
These pages are the residence of the Skewed Believers- defenders, purveyors, and all-around cheerleaders of the romantic, dangerous, sexy, oddly addictive cat-and-mouse game played by Jack and Samantha.

Starsky and Hutch

Skipp's Starsky and Hutch Fixxion
Rated R. A lot of short Starsky and Hutch storeez by 1 of their teen fanz. Me, Skipp.

Star Trek

Cartoon Parody of Star Trek. You can even submitt your own puncline!

Delta Blues
Comprehensive, insightful and funny reviews of each and every Voyager episode.

Julia Houston's Page
Opinionated reviews, hilarious holonovels and some excellent fiction.

News, gossip, rumours and more

Bravo Fleet
Bravo Fleet HQ. This is a RPG, played by email. You can serve aboard a Starfleet vessel, starbase, or construction yard. You could even play as a reporter!

USS Nobel
The USS Nobel is a RPG PBEM, where you serve aboard the USS Nobel, a ship in BravoFleet. These people are truly terrific to sim with.

Tango Fleet
Tango Fleet HQ. This is a RPG where you get to serve aboard a Starfleet Vessel.

'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools'
The 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools' format offers colorful and motivated new characters in original interesting situations for the exploration of ideas in all new Fan Fic collaboration.

Other Archives and Directories

Alternate Realities Fan Fiction Archive
A multi-universal archive of quality fan fiction. Features fiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Highlander, The Tomorrow People and crossovers.

Aravis Fawkes' Fiction
I have various fandoms on this page including ones for: Pitch Black, Ravenous, No Escape, X-Men, Star Trek, 15 Minutes,The Invisible Man, Third Watch, CSI, Hercules, Lord of the Rings, American Outlaws and a few others as well as original fiction. Ratings range from PG-13 to NC-17.

Byers' Girl's FanFic Archive.
A terrific archive, with WIP, Angel, Buffy, Pretender, X-Files, StarWars.

Chimera Bloom
Site hosts angst femslash stories featuring Buffy and Willow. Also contains slash stories for Voyager centering on Janeway/Seven. This site contains materials of an adult nature.

Fan Fiction Web Directory
Based on KS Nicolas' site this is one of the most comprehensive fan fic directories.

The Official Paris/Torres Archive
One of the best places on the net for P/T fiction.

Fan Fiction Archives
Another Archive!

FanFic Archivist Support List
A great place for archivists to visit. Tips, tricks and ideas as well as a directory of member archives.

Fire & Ice Fanfiction
Fire and Ice is an archive devoted to non-cannon Buffy and Angel fic. Pairings include A/C, W/S W/A. A great deal of the fic is rated NC-17, and there are a couple of slash archives.

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is a place where all types of fandoms are welcome. All ratings except for NC-17 are avaliable and submissions are welcome!

Slayer Fan Fic
An excellent place for Buffy: the Vampire Slayer Fanfic.

Profiler Fan Fic
Fan fiction devoted to Profiler in general and Bailey in particular.

Roswell Slash Archive
This is the list archive for the RoswellSlash mailing list on Yahoogroups, but accepts any slash fic where at least one of the slashed characters is from the TV show Roswell. Assume all material is NC-17 unless it says otherwise.

Lois and Clark Fan Fiction Archive
The largest collection of Lois and Clark fiction on the net.

LadyBold's Fan Fic Archive
A small, but growing collection of stories, from various shows. Angel, Buffy, General Hospital, Passions, Roswell, Crossovers, Miscellaneous!!!


This is a list for crossover fic.

Click to subscribe to crossoverhaven

This list is for Pretender fiction.

Click to subscribe to pretendfic

This list is devoted to the A/C relationship.

Click to subscribe to AngelCordelia

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