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As for God, His way is perfect;  The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.
Psalm 18:30
I had no  intentions of homeschooling my children.   I would have gone the way of the world, had God not shown me His way.   You see, one of the reasons I didn't want to homeschool was because I didn't know where to "make a school"  in my home.   In those days my house was usually pretty clean and I certainly didn't want to clutter it up with a bunch of school things.  I questioned the Lord about this one night saying "How would I do it?"   It seemed that before I even finished the question He was already laying out a floor plan for me.  Carefully and precicely like nothing I had ever seen before, there it was, like a blue print in my mind.  I immediately got a pencil and drew it out exactly the way He had  shown me.  It was incredible! Everything was there, a little library, a craft center, an area for desks, for painting, for reading, for everything we needed. 

The Lord is amazing.  When He sees our weaknesses and our needs, He becomes our strength and fills all the empty places in our lives.  He has continually and faithfully provided for us more than we could ever ask or think.  He is our constant help in times of trouble, our Comforter when we are hurting, our Counselor when we are confused, and our Light when we have lost our way.  For all that He is and all that He does, I will ever praise Him and give Him the glory.  It is for Him and through His infinite wisdom that I homeschool my children.  They are His precious gifts entrusted to me.  I will guide them, instruct  them, love them and nurture them, but only through God's amazing grace!

We began our homeschooling journey 7 years ago.  It has been an amazing journey: one of disappointments, trials, and sacrifices.  But it has also been the greatest blessing of my life and I pray also for my sons.  My joy comes from knowing that I am in God's perfect will for my life.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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