Very cool!
Very cool!
Humorous & Thought Provoking

A Child's ABC's
A Laugh for Today's World
A Moment With the Lord
And So It Was Done

A Piece of Cake
A Preacher's Dying Wish
Are We Really This Dumb?
Atheist in the woods
Barber Shop
Caller ID
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Church Funnies
Classified Ads
Consumer Labels
Cracked Pots
Crazy Mouse Pictures
Creation Poll
Criminal Lawyers Award
Dancin' in the potato chips
Dear Pastor
Devil's Beatitudes
Fasting and Feasting
God's Boxes
God's Diet Plan
"God Speaks" Billboards
Good Story
He No Longer Lives Here
It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
Jesus Saves
King Arthur
Moses Takes A Swim
My Identity in Christ
Never Argue With Children
Noah's Ark
Obedient Wife
Property -- Not For Sale
So You Think You're Having a Bad Day?
Tangled Hair
Tax Cuts - A Simple Lesson in Economics
The Blizzard
The Burning Hut
The Dart Game
The Dish of Ice Cream
The First and the Last
The Gift
The Golf Game
The Perfect Mistake
The Room
The Rose Within
The Seven Ups!
Very Faithful Woman
What if God Used Familiar Excuses?
Who is God in the Bible?
Why English is so Difficult
Why I Never Eat
Why Women Cry
World's Stupidest Criminals
Try these wonderful mulitmedia presentations.
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Interview with Jesus

23rd Psalm
Lord's Prayer
go ahead, I know you're curious
Background from Boogie Jack

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