*Miscellaneous Pix* *Miscellaneous Pix*

These are just some pix I found on the internet that I LOVE!

Aaaagh, look at the hair!!

Pouty face...can't resist it

This one is from YM magazine...it's actually up on my wall in my room, HeHe. He looks like a little boy in this pic!

Purty eyes

LMAO, look at the bandanna. Didn't think Alex would want to mess up that hair of his! Hey Alex...I bite my nails too dude.

Ambie...you can *almost* see the dimple! LOL

Ahh I love Sean's body :-)

Guitar pix are great!

Last one for now! (I know...go ahead. Cry it out) A closeup of Alex...yay!

***I got these from all over the internet. If one is yours, email me and I'll credit you and link you!*** 1
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