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Puddytat Number Five


This is Frito's story....It all started one lovely Saturday in January 1995. My husband(Gordon), my niece(Jennifer)and I made a little trip to a very large pet supply store here in Plano, Tx to purchase some kitty toys and treats. That afternoon, the SPCA was there with an adoption booth and they were down to just one kitty left. I tried to stay clear of them because I knew I would be tempted to adopt another kitty and we already had four.

Well, As I was paying for my purchases...I noticed Gordon and Jennifer over at the adoption area and Gordon was holding this cute little tuxedo kitty and staring at me as if to say...can't we have him, please??? He called me over to him and I approached him and the kitty positive that we could not take in one more cat!!! Then, I heard the story about how this poor little guy was given to someone for Christmas and they didn't want him and gave him to the SPCA. Well! The nerve of those people, I said. Who possibly couldn't want this sweet purring little angel? He looked so scared, but let Gordon hold him like a baby and purred up a storm. Needless to say, it only took minutes before I found myself paying the $60.00 adoption fee and the FOUR of us walked out of PetsMart and headed for home.

When we got home, Bubba, Booptie and BabyCakes seemed a bit disturbed. Hissed and spit a little, but seemed to accept this little guy. Not so for Poohbear! He was furious! He ran back and forth through the house hissing and spitting at the back of the couch where little Frito(named Bandit at the time)was lying in my niece's lap. Poohbear would climb up on the open ledge between the kitchen and family room and stare at Frito and then jump down...run through the room hissing and spitting and position himself at the other end of the family room staring at this little housewrecker and then start all over again...running back through the room hissing and spitting until he got back on the ledge. Back & Forth...Back & Forth...this went on for hours. We decided to put Frito in a room by himself until I could have him thoroughly tested and checked out by my Vet. So, things calmed down for the night.

The next day, off he went to see Dr. Sanders. When I went to pick him up, I was informed that he had tapeworm, earmites and fleas. His test were negative and though he was only four months old, he was already neutered. They had bathed him and put flea mousse on him and he looked so pretty and smelled so good! I took him home and kept him seperated for a few more days to make sure he hadn't caught anything at the SPCA. Upper respiratory virus, that is. This also seemed to get Poohbear use to his presence and his smell. I think it still took a day or two, but wouldn't ya know it...Poohbear and Frito turned out to be the best of buddies. Partners in crime...always getting into something! BabyCakes also took a great liking to Frito as he did with Poohbear when we brought him home to join the fold. BabyCakes is a big sweetheart with a heart of gold and to this day...still cuddles up with Frito for naps.


Frito doing what he does best...Spraying!!!

Frito Burrito Bandito BabyBoy is a sweety, but I'm afraid he's also a sprayer. I think it's because they neutered him so young. Regardless, he literally sprays anything and eveything in our house and if it weren't for enzyme cleaners, steam cleaners and Glade Plugins...I don't know what we would do. So many people say, "How can you allow that? Why don't you get rid of him?" Well, he's my child! If you had a child with disabilities or mental problems, would you just get rid of him? NO! When I adopted him, I accepted him no matter what problems he might have and I will continue to love and care for him as long as he's a member of this family.

Poor little Frito just had surgery last month(03/97) to remove a benign lump in his neck due to a bad reaction he had to one of his vaccinations. He came through it with flying colors and though he's a little bald on one side of his shoulder and neck, he's doing great.

His favorite toy is the little pole with either a feather or the mylar tassel at the end of the string. He drags it all over the house and begs Gordon and me to play with him. He will play for hours if our arms can last that long. He looks so cute with that feather or tassel in his mouth walking along dragging the pole behind him! Sometimes, in the middle of the night we'll awaken to the sound of the pole dragging across our hardwood floors. What a little Cutie! And, quite the talker!!! He'll sit on the floor in front of me or behind me at the computer and meow, meow, meow. I've gotten to where I don't even hear it sometimes and Gordon will yell into the room...Geez! Play with that dang cat...he's driving me nuts! Funny, he just walked in the room as I was typing that and started meowing...too weird!

I guess that's pretty much "Fritzer the Spritzer's" story. If I think of anything else...I'll be back to do some editing. You can count on it!! Thanks for sharing this with me.

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