MAY 17TH, 1985 - FEBRUARY 18TH, 2004

Midi entitled "Greatest Love Of All"

This is Bubba's story...He's an orange tabby shorthair and he's my first kitty and the whole reason why we now have seven puddytats. My husband and I thought if he was such a neat cat, then all cats must be just like him. WRONG! I truly believe that there is no other cat on this planet like my Bubba-tiddy. He's one in a million. He's the most laidback cat I've ever seen. You could take Bubba by his tail (not that we've done this, okay?) and hang him upside down and I swear...he'd just hang there. Bend him, fold him, spin him...it just doesn't faze this cat.

When Bubba was born, he was the last of the litter and Momma was having trouble expelling him. So, one of the children that Momma belonged to decided to help the birth and pulled him out by his hind legs. Well, needless to say that was not a good idea. Poor little Bubba's knee caps were yanked out of their sockets. For the first two weeks of his life, little Bubba walked dragging his hind legs behind him. Then, one day..he just got up and walked on all four legs as if nothing had ever been wrong.

Bubba is now 18 (as of 2003) years old and he does walk a little funny...like he's on tippytoes. And, he sits really funny with his hind legs stuck out like kickstands. But, he's king of the house and no other cat messes with the king. So far, there's been no major illness in Bubba's life. When he was not quite two years old, he stopped eating for several days and we had to take him to the emergency clinic and have him pumped full of fluids and given something to increase his appetite. The next day, I found him sitting by an empty food dish and there he stayed for several days...just staring. I'd put food in it...he'd eat it up and just sit there waiting for more.

Bubba thinks he's human and eats like one, too. If I'm eating it...Bubba's gonna eat it. Most of the time that's okay. But, one time I was eating a jalipeno pepper and he decided he wanted some of it, too. He grabbed my arm and pulled the pepper over to him and took a big lick. A couple seconds passed and YIKES! What a face he made and off he ran licking his chops and shaking his head. Funny, he never tried any more jalipeno peppers again. But, he loves fruit. I think cantelope is his favorite. But, grapes, peaches, plums....he loves them all!

He also sleeps like a human...every night he curls up between Gordon and me...on his side with his head on the pillow. And, there we are...the three stooges...every night. I can't imagine sleeping with out him there beside me. He's my very special friend. I hope he lives forever...

Update March 1998

Well, I had to go and open my mouth and say there's been no major illness in Bubba's life! Just a few weeks ago, Bubba was diagnosed with Diabetes. We're in the midst of the very frustrating procedure of trying to get Bubba regulated on Insulin and it's no day at the beach! He's drinking tons of water, always starving and peeing big time. He has lost over three pounds and looks so very thin. It breaks my heart to pick him up. He feels so light and so boney. I hope to have good news to report here soon. He's such a sweetheart and really doesn't deserve this!!! If you're so inclined...please say a little pray for my Bubba-Tiddy. We sure will appreciate it.


So Much for that little scare. Turns out Bubba just had a brief case of Transient Diabetes brought on by a couple of steroid shots he got in January. He's back to normal and no longer diabetic!!! He's gaining some of his weight back and back to his old feisty self again.


Just 3 months short of his 19th birthday, Bubba has passed away. I thought it was just old age, but after Dr. Sanders put him to sleep, he examined him and found one of his kidneys very enlarged and we can only assume it was cancer. He only weighed 4 pounds and had gotten to the point where he could barely walk. I probably hung on to him way too long, but I had a feeling he would either pass in his sleep or somehow let me know it was time. The morning of 02/18/04 he did just that. He sat up, looked at me and let out a meow that I had never heard before and I knew then that he was telling me that enough was enough! He went very quickly and peacefully and though it hurt like hell, I also sensed a great feeling of relief for him and for myself.

There will never be another kitty like Bubba. He was the best, by far. I had him cremated and he's here with me (always) in his little cedar box next to Mommakitty's cedar box. I think of him everyday and miss him so. But, he lived a good long life and is in a much better place now. I'll always treasure my memories of Bubba and the 19 years we had together.

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