Hello - we are Emma and Blu! I am a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel, born on October 3, 1999 and my lil' sis, here, is a 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer, born September 16, 2007. My parents got me when they bought their house 8 years ago, I was living with another family, who loved me very much, but didn't have time for me, so they gave me to my mom and dad now. Lil Emma, well, she came as an early Christmas present last year for mom. She wanted a little dog, too and dad knew a family whose Mini Schnauzer's just had pups. He saw them and thought they were too cute, so he told mom to go pick one out. Emma picked mom out! I wasn't to crazy about her when she came home, but by Christmas I was starting to warm up to her. Now here we are a year later and we are "typical" siblings. We have our moments where we play and moments when she is to playful for me. But I have grown to love her just as much as my humans! Now check out some of our pics below. Mom will be updating them every now and then - so make sure you check back often! Thanks for stopping by.

        Meet Bridget

        First Meeting

        Christmas 2007

        Mom loves this pic!

        Emma cuddling with her blanket

        Drake and Blu

        Emma relaxing

        Daddy and Emma sleeping.


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        Blu's Links

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