Here is the exact specs on my car from factory and well as the modifications that have been made so far:

1995 Dodge Neon ACR Factory Specs:

Colour: Nitro Yellow Green (NYG)
Series: (Highline)
Body Style: Coupe
Engine: 2.0L DOHC
Transmission: Perf. MTX (manual)
Suspension: SDK
Brakes: BRD
Seat Type: Highline
Tach: Standard
Hood: Bulge
Fascia: Painted w/holes
Wheels: 14" 5-lug alloys
Assembly Plant: Belvidere, Illinois

Alpine Alarm
New Battery
Back 3 Windows & Eyebrow Tinted
Custom Matching Ractive Racing Pedals
Carbon Fiber Metallic Shifter
Factory Fog Lights Added
Spoiler Added
Bumpers Painted Solid Green
Licence Plate Holder Painted Green
Custom Licence Plates
Road-Boy Fog Lights (Ice Green)
Altezza (Euro-Clear) Tailights
Clear Bumper Lenses
Custom Competiton Stereo
Progress Lowering Springs (1.8 inch drop)
Bosch Platinum +4 Sparkplugs
ICEMAN Cool Air Intake (black)
Pacesetter Header
Vibrant Dual Exhaust w/4" tips

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