The most exciting part of designing is, of course, to be able to modify the parameters of the project at will, analyzing all possibilities and perhaps discovering a new unusual design!   But Tesla Coil design involves many calculations and after some math tinkering, usually the user gives up and looks for a "coil recipe".   Others perhaps, choose to write a program in order to free themselves of tedious calculations and to be able to explore different designs.

But not all builders have the necessary knowledge of mathemathics, physics, programming languages, and so on...   That's why I thought about building an on-line Tesla System Program site, hope you'll enjoy using it !!

A friendly interface in javascript will let you input values and obtain the electrical & physical dimension of the whole system (primary & secondary).
Before you start your design, read the next INTRO, so as to know how to use this applications.


First (Tesla Preliminar Design Calculator) you'll have to input your primary transformer parameters ie.: output voltage & current, from these you'll be given some suggested values, feel free to modify them for the next step: THE TESLA SYSTEM CALCULATOR.

The System Calculator will give all the system's parameters (and some suggested values), explore it!!!

Finally, comes The Primary Calculator, a handy program to calculate the dimensions of the primary coil. It's very useful to investigate which number of turns will give the required primary inductance to sinthonize the primary.


XFRM output voltage    kV

XFRM output current    mA

AC line frequency       Hz


xfmr power     W   
xfmr impedance MW

suggested 1ry. capacitor   nF

suggested 2ry. diameter    in

suggested 2ry. diameter  cm

suggested 2ry. aspect ratio           

Le Magicien 2000


Select     units :        centimeters     inches  

enter @ XFRM output voltage :   


enter @ XFRM output current :   


enter @ AC line frequency :   


enter @ 1ry cap :   


enter @ 2ry diameter   :   


enter @ 2ry aspect ratio :   


enter @ 2ry AWG size    :   


enter @ Turns / Unit lenght for AWG size :   


Tesla Coil System Output Sheet
Le Magicien 2000

  Primary coil Quick calculator


Select   Coil   Type
cilindrical flat pancake
Select   units
centimeters inches

enter @ 1ry coil diameter :   

enter @ 1ry coil height/wide :   

enter @ 1ry coil number of turns :   

Primary Coil Output Sheet
Le Magicien 2000

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