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  1. Rechargeable Led Flashlight

  2. Infra Red Vision System for a Toy Car

  3. Electronic Defense System EDS / Sistema de Defesa Eletr䮀a SDE

  4. Light Chaser
    - A Modified MOVIT Robot: it seeks the brightest light and runs towards it!

  5. 3 Phase - 3 Wire Phase Sequence Indicator
    - A very useful gadget to find out the order in which the phases are appearing.

  6. Underground Radio
    - How to use conductive soil (underground water table) to transmit audio or radio signals.

  7. Keychain Laser Driver
    - Circuit Description.

  8. Laser Link
    - Transmitting audio or data over a laser beam (105 kHz carrier) !!!

  9. 1.5 Volt Strobo with a Kodak Max Disposable Camera
    - How to modify a Kodak Max Disposable Camera Flash Circuit and build a 1.5 volt supply STROBO.
    (Yes! just using a 1.5 volt AA alkaline battery!!)

  10. Bouncing Light- 9 Output Up & Down Counter
    - A nice circuit to make a 'scanner' light that sweeps back and forth. You may replace the light by any other device you wish.

  11. White Led Flashlight - Modified Solar Flashlight
    - A modified Solar Flashlight now converted to White Led - uses only 2 AA batteries!

  12. Stereo Volume Control
    - Tired of Bad contact and scratches on that volume control?

  13. Lasers, Diffraction Gratings and Laser Pointer Wavelength
    - How to Calculate your Laser Pointer wavelength using Diffraction Gratings available at home.

new projects soon!

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