On June 2002. big sunspots appeared at the southern solar hemisphere. These were big ones, bigger than the earth in fact!

At the Catania Astrophysical Observatory in Italy, there's a daily databank of pictures of the sun in ftp archive. The link is
If we look for the June 4th, 2002 photograph, weŽll find the jpg file named: oact_hared_fl_20020604_071914.jpg the numbers meaning year-month-day-hour-minute-second (Universal Time).
The image of that day: oact_hared_fl_20020604_071914.jpg is shown below:

Highlighted at the southern hemisphere we find the two main groups labeled A & B with several sunspots inside. Notice that the bigger ones have a diameter several times that of the earth!

So I took my 60 mm refractor, and projected the sun image over a white surface (sheet of paper). Using my Olympus OM10 reflex camera mounted on a tripod I obtained the following images of the sun projected image (KODAK iso100 color prints):

sunspot groups A & B

Sunspot Groups A & B.

Note that circular image in this photo
is not the sun disk but the eyepiece field!

detailed view of both groups

Enhanced view of the picture at left

same view of A&B, note plastic ruler above

Enhanced view of the picture at left

detailed view of Group A

Detailed view of Group A,

enhanced image
to show better contrast. (Paintshop 5)

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