Buenos Aires, Argentina. Circa 1975. 100mm reflector

Color picture of Saturn taken with GAF 500, 35mm color slide film (ISO 500) and a Nikkormat camera using a 100mm reflector azimutal mount. Circa 1975.
About this picture it would be interesting to remark that no motorized equatorial mount was used, just rapid exposure and a lot of skill!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. April 10, 2009

Saturn taken with a 60mm refractor with azimutal mounting, on April 10th, 2009.
Digital camera was used: Canon A-630.

Telescopes used

The following images of Saturn were taken with my 76.2mm (3-in) refractor
F=1250mmm f/16, 0,965in focuser

General view of the 76.2mm f1250mm refractor.

76.2mm objective coatings still in good shape!

76.2mm refractor with AFOCAL SYSTEM

SteadyPix-Deluxe mounting with a Canon Powerhot A630 camera.
I made a Remote USB Shutter Trigger to prevent oscillations during videos and photos.

The remote cable goes directly to the camera USB connector. See next photo for detailed view.

The remote shutter is built on a printed circuit board:
A 3-volt lithium battery, a red led used as trigger indicator,
a simple on-off button and a female USB connector.
USB cable is the one that comes with the camera. That's all!

Just press the remote shutter button and the camera will focus,
press it a second time and it will take the photo.

The camera must have the CHDK loaded in order to enable remote triggering!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. April 21, 2011

Another color picture of Saturn taken with a 76.2mm refractor on April 21th, 2011.
A digital camera was used, Sony DSC-S2000: aperture f4.4, exp 1/4 sec, ISO800. Telescope: 76.2mm refractor at x125. This 3-in (76.2mm) telescope has an unmotorized equatorial.

Series of Saturn images taken with a 76.2mm refractor -unmotorized equatorial mount-
using a Canon Powershot A630 and a Sony DSC200 cameras, on April 21th, 2011.

Last Update: Jan 2012