Comet West in Early Morning sky Detailed view of Comet West

These two ones are from comet West, taken in Buenos Aires in 1975 with my Olympus OM1 camera.
The first is a simple view of east morning sky with the comet in the constellation of Delphinus. The second is an enhanced view of the comet...yes, graphic programs are very helpful indeed!

Comet Hyakutake Detailed view of Comet Hyakutake

Remember the comet Hyakutake? Well, these two were taken from the window when I woke up to check the comet... I wasn't thinking to take pictures at the time, but I couldn't resist the view! I took my camera and take one picture. I was lucky, the next days were so cloudy that no observations could be made! Corollary: always have your camera ready...!

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