"It is said, that he came from Kings."

(So what, you say. Like you care, right?)


Hi! I'm a Dorland. And yes, it's true,
I do come from a long line of Kings.

But don't be jealous just yet. I mean, maybe you come from a king or two your- self, but you just don't know about it!


Let's start with my favorite ancestor:

King Alfred the Great
of England (849-899)

Some Brits count Alfred as the original English King.
Others consider his grandfather Egbert to be the first.

In order to streamline my site, rather than listing
each and every royal relative (how boring!), I will
sometimes provide you with a link that will take you
to a page already made up by another lover of kings.

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Alfred's daughter Aefthryth marries a Count

(Note also on this page--my descent from Charlemagne!)


Continue with a child of Henry I



(Continues with one of the Longespee daughters)


The next de Swynnerton marries


The Coup D'Grace

(That last Maude has a daughter named Margaret Savage.)