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Enter my Camelot through the cottage window...

Everything's for the Irish!!
Come, enjoy your stay. Here, in my
chambers you'll find a vast array of first love.

There's entertainment,
history, Irish heritage, recipes. Yes,
everything Irish. Oh, and maybe a wee bit
o' other things too.

I am elated to receive this honor!! And very, very
surprised. RAOK is a wonderful group and I
know the awards committee now made me
more proud of my Irish heritage.
THANK YOU ALL so much for chosing Camelot for the March
site of the month!

Camelot Entrance

In order for a faster connection speed, I've
made a special page for my Webring logos. If you're here
to peruse sites in a particular Webring:
CHD, WeeFolke, Irish Women of the Web, Down Syndrome, GenePool,
Ladies of the Myst, Moms of the Web, Random Acts of Kindness,
Special Angels, Fantasy Dreamers, Heart of the Irish,
Sites of Kindness,or, Plant Your Family Tree...
please follow my webring link directly below. Thanks


A great Renaissance group of which I am proud of my membership!

Guests at Lady Irene's Camelot

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and support America. For those
who perished 9-11-01

The dove flies the world to
bring peace and tranquility for mankind!

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Lady Irene

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