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Entered in 2000: Nikki Winfrey is a member of the Tennessee Twisters (CTC in Memphis, TN). She is a 14 year old 8th grade student at Shawdowlawn Middle School in Barlett, TN. This is her second year to be on the Cheerleading squad at Shawdowlawn.

In the fall of 2000 she will start her freshman year at Bartlett High School. On April 19, 2000, Nikki earned a spot on the varsity cheerleading squad at Bartlett High School, (Bartlett Panthers) for the 2000-2001 school year. In April, 2001 she earned a spot on the Varsity Squad at Bartlett High School for the second year in a row.

In late August of 2001, the Varsity Squad at Bartlett disbanded. Nikki remained on Bartlett's squad as a JV squad member. The JV squad competed at the Mid-South Fair Cheerleading Competition on 09/30/01. The team finished third at this competition. During the first week of October, Nikki left the Bartlett squad.

In August, 2002 Nikki rejoined the Varsity Squad at Bartlett. On 09/29/02 she competed with her squad in th Mid-South Fair Cheerleading Competition (UCA). Bartlett finished in 4th place. On 10/26/02 Bartlett won the UCA Mid-South Regionals in the Small Varsity Division held at Cordova High School. With this win, the team secured a bid to compete at the 2003 UCA High School Cheerleading National Championships to be held February 7-11, 2003 in Orlando, Florida. Nikki left the Bartlett squad in December of 2002.

Nikki started gymnastics when she was in the second grade at Bartlett Elementary School. For 6 years (1993-1999) she did gymnastics. She began gymnastics at the pre-team level at Memphis Center of Gymnastics in 1993. In 1995 she left Memphis Center of Gymnastics for Wimbleton Gymnastics and was on their competition team from 1995 - 1999. When she left gymnastics she had reached level 7.
In November 1999 she joined the Tennesse Twisters competition team in the newest Olympic Sport, Trampoline and Tumbling. Trampoline and Tumbling consists of 4 events: Double Mini-Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Individual Trampoline (only Individual Trampoline is currently an Olympic Sport), and Power Tumbling. Of the 3 events Nikki competes in (Power Tumbling, Double Mini-Trampoline, and Individual Trampoline) her favorite is Power Tumbling. For more information on the four events that are included in this sport click here.

UCA Mid-South Regionals
Cordova High School

Power Tumbling: Long Pass, Twist & Tuck Invitational, Hickory, NC

Practicing Toe Touch for tryouts.

Practicing new alternates for Nationals.
Round-off, backhandspring, backhandspring, full, backhandspring, back tuck

Basics of Scoring for Trampoline & Tumbling


Twist and Tuck Invitational (USAGTT)Hickory, NCTrampoline & TumblingTennessee TwistersMarch 25, 2000
Power Partners Invitational (USAGTT)Knoxville, TNTrampoline & TumblingTennessee TwistersApril 8, 2000
Kudzu Classic (USAGTT)Opelika, ALTrampoline & TumblingTennessee TwistersApril 15, 2000
Arkansas State Summer Camp (UCA)Jonesboro, ARCheerleadingBartlett PanthersJune 8, 2000
Mid South Fair Competition (UCA)Memphis, TNCheerleadingBartlett PanthersOctober 1, 2000
Mid South Regionals (UCA)Arlington, TNCheerleadingBartlett PanthersNovember 11, 2000
Note: USAGTT = USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling
Note: UCA = Universal Cheerleading Association


Prelims, High School Nationals (UCA)Orlando, FLCheerleadingBartlett PanthersFebruary 10, 2001
Mid-South Fair Competition (UCA)Memphis, TNCheerleadingBartlett PanthersSeptember 30, 2001


Mid-South Fair Competition (UCA)Memphis, TNCheerleadingBartlett PanthersSeptember 29, 2002
Mid-South Regionals (UCA)Memphis, TNCheerleadingBartlett PanthersOctober 26, 2002

Nikki at Homecoming, Freshman member of Homecoming Court. Bolton vs. Bartlett, 9/29/00

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