Managed Animal Producers

Managed Animal Producers (MAP) provides registry services to people raising rare, exotic, or small animal species.
The goals of MAP include assisting producers of target species and breeds by:

 Assisting the management of global animal genetic resources to preserve the genetic identity and diversity of target species or breeds.

 Assist producers in the record keeping and parentage record responsibility required for purebred animals and captive bred exotic species.

 Assist in the marketing of rare and exotic species or breeds as supports the above goals.

The overriding goal is to provide service to breeders of rare, exotic, or small animal species that will be beneficial to the members. High quality certificates, reasonable rates on registrations, and comprehensive databases containing some of the latest information are all benefits of membership. The MAP marketing network is growing stronger every day, and as requests for stock pour in, we need more producers to provide animals of defined heritage. Also, producers of many different species find it more convenient to join one association that can handle all their registry needs, rather than having to join each individual club.

Animals registered with MAP have available specialized genetic and heritage analysis services that allow breeders, or those purchasing stock, to have confidence in the heritage records provided. Supervised databases and randomized genetic testing help assure the genetic purity of rare breeds or the increased diversity of exotics. The MAP database also links producers in different parts of the country or world, assisting them in finding mates for their animals to best further their individual breeding goals.

MAP provides marketing support of animals for breeding purposes but not for sport purposes only. For example, game farms are allowed to register breeding animals through MAP, but are not allowed to market animals through MAP for "canned" hunting purposes. Breeders are allowed to market slaughter animals through MAP that will be processed in accordance with USDA and/or local regulations regarding the care and use of slaughter animals.

MAP also encourages the development of new breeds, varieties of breeds, and combinations that prove useful for the purposes of the producer. Development of these new breeds is incuraged, and as such, no "exclusive rights of development" are granted by MAP to any one individual who is developing the new breed. MAP members are encuraged to seek support of others, and to diverify the gene pool as much as possible while still maintaining their objectives. MAP will, however, at the request of the developer, maintain confidentiality regarding the origins of the breed or variety.

MAP seeks to promote the keeping of accurate ancestral information for domestic species already held, as well as the development of a pedigree system for exotic species that will allow for goal oriented breeding while maintaining as many of the original "wild" characteristics as possible. Certificates of registry generated by MAP contain information on inbreeding coefficients giving the animal owners a great deal of information useful in breeding programs.

Animal Rights Statement: All MAP member producers in the U. S. agree to comply with The Animal Welfare Act (Public Law 89-544 and amendments) which provides for minimum acceptable standards of animal care and use. Any complaints received are reviewed tri-annually at the district meetings, and any complaints which warrant further investigation are addressed at the annual National or International convention. U. S. producers found to be in violation will face lifetime expulsion from MAP and the case, with all supporting documentation, will be turned over to the United States Department of Agriculture for investigation. All members, even those outside the U.S. are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines. This includes the reporting of diagnoses of transmittable infectious disease, as only with reporting can these diseases be controlled in these very sensitive populations.

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