Spiritwood Farm
the Supinger-Anstice Family

Now I know that some of you out there aren't too keen on animals--heck, I have a friends whose favorite animal is a turtle 'cause it can't catch her. *L*--but here you can put those worries aside and have some fun with them. We live here with "I don't know how many" cows, nine dogs (not counting puppies we may have a one point or another), six horses plus a mini, two cats, and two birds. A pretty good assortment if you ask me. You must, of course, take in account the "regulars" of an old farmhouse-rats, mice, snakes, foxes, etc. So I guess my family fits the "Redneck bill" but then, who doesn't at times.

Spiritwood Farm has been through many phases of animal breeding from Labrador Retrievers, to Australian Shepherds, and our newest stab at Miniature Horses.

For those interested in our horses we have one Appendix--Chief Crazy Horse--who is thirty nine (that's 117 in our years!), one Morgan--Proud Merry--who is thirty five, a Thoroughbred--Brother Max--who is ten, and currently, three Arabians: Tache, who is sixteen; Benjamin Franklin (for sale), who is four and 1/2; and Jazz, who is seven, I think. I am working on a page for Max (my cutie) so please be check back some time and maybe it'll be done. We are currently a member of the Prince William Horse Association and run both Timed Events and English. Each family member has their own certain horse goals; mom is on the lookout for a good endurance horse to do the Old Dominion 100 Mile Ride, dad is just working on learning to ride better and maybe do some competivie trail rides, and I would love to jump those huge jumps (maybe not quite Grand Prix but somewhere up there) but am currently content with 2'6" to 3 foot. Actually, I would love to be an Eventer! Guess that's all for now. *S*

Enter the Enchantment...

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