The Opal times

Speaking as a rockhound - it is very hard for me to believe in the news - firstly you have to buy that whole line about things being written in stone. See as much seasonal erosion as I have and the concept will have no meaning for you anymore.


Jurassic Park 3, The Edge of Chaos, gets underway

New Dinosaur - Glyphodont?  I don't think so.

Sue - the unveiling!!! with large image gallery

New series from the creators of Walking With Dinosaurs

Thescelosaurus found with four-chambered heart - earth shattering implications for science

Triceratops DNA believed to have been uncovered

Little theropod found with the largest brain of all dinosaurs - more on Bambiraptor feinbergorum

Largest ever theropod from Argentina - It's not Giganotosaurus

New king of the Sauropods unearthed in Argentina - home of the huge

Disney's new Dinosaur film coming soon

Tinker - a juvenile T rex unearthed may solve some of the mysteries of Tyrannosaur life

TV Series to be made of the hit Children's story - Dinotopia

New Nigerian Sauropod unearthed - Jobaria tiguidensis

Archaeoraptor Liaoningensis proves a very interesting hoax

5 new feathered theropods discovered

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