July 2000


Just so you know, I'm using the English date format of DD/MM/YY. I appreciate this date format is different all around the world and I hope this will save confusion.



A couple of times recently I have advertized updates to the links page and they've usually been amendments to one or two addresses - now you won't recognise the startup page.  The links page comprises three sections, the Original, The Big List of Links Pages and our online poll recently completed - Top Ten Dinosaur Sites, 2000.  The latter 2 being today's updates.  Fans of my artwork will be pleased to note that there will be a new image in the galleries within the next couple of days.  There is also the hint of something else new to be found in the galleries at the moment - take a quick peak under "Guest Artist"


There haven't been many new additions at the beginning of this month, but if you've been looking around and seeing lots of new adverts for stuff, you'll have noticed that there are lots of works in progress.  



In an instance of pure irony my update for today is the completion of the "What's New?" Archives - therefore what's new today is the Whatsnew section.  In addition, since it's taken me until today to archive June and put this page up, that quite literally is true on many levels.


What's new archives

D.C. is being organized by month now and updates are rearranged accordingly. I know how annoying it can be when you visit a site on the first of the month and want to know what the latest is, but the what's new section has been refreshed and you don't know what's new and what isn't, so I have put in an archives section where people can trace back the latest changes to the inception of Dinosaur Cornucopia.



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