Dinosaur Convention Headzup


Have you recently had to miss a Dinosaur convention or special event for one reason or another? Perhaps you were working that day; You lived in the wrong country and couldn't afford the plane fare; Perhaps you didn't even know it was on until it was too late. Whatever the reason all is not entirely at a loss. This section aims to give you the scoop on what happened straight from the mouths of those who went. If you can't find the Dino event you're looking for, E-mail me and I'll see if I can find out about it. Most of the material this page is made up of comes from public postings to The Dinosaur Mailing List. While they are not paying for the server connection or providing the domain space or anything like that, I would say that this page was not possible without them. If you like what you see on this page, please visit the DML archives and take a look at what they're about. They're certainly the best thing to happen to this Dinosaur enthusiast.


Sape Meeting in Beijing


Graves Museum Feathered Dinosaur Symposium


SVP 99


Walking With Dinosaurs Conference, Bristol University


 Dinofest 98


The Fossils Roadshow, BMNH

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