(listed in alphabetical order) 

Archaeopteryx lithographica

Bambiraptor feinbergorum

Bugenasaura infernalis

Cathayornis yandica

Cryolophosaurus ellioti

Enantiornis leali

Eoraptor lunensis (guest)

Erlikosaurus andrewsi

Giganotosaurus carolinii

Hesperornis regalis

Minmi Paravertebrata (guest)

Oviraptor philoceratops

Patagopteryx deferriasi


Sinornithoides youngi

Sinornithosaurus millenii

Stegosaurus ungulatus

Tyrannosaurus rex

Velociraptor mongoliensis


Guest Artists

Daniel Bensen, 2 illustrations, a discussion on his method of rendering and an online interview

Coming soon:  Jordan Mallon

Coming Soon:  Chopin Gard


Doodles and Brainstorms

The following might become illustrations one day. Drop me an E-mail and tell me what you think - I like feedback on my process as well as my end product.

Unspecified Maniraptor bathing in the sun

New-born Deinonychus

A Tyrannosaur dozing on the beach

An Iguanodontid bust

A hatchling Tyrannosaurus rex (I wish I'd done this on a plain sheet of paper now - it's one of my favourites

My homage to the great artist George Stubbs - this sketch will someday be the mesozoic equivalent of his "Lion and the Horse"


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