Welcome visitor, to Dinosaur Cornucopia - the online home of Palaeoartist Samuel Barnett. You will find more on your journey through these pages than just art, however. First onto some technical stuff.

  1. If you wish to see the "News" section or "What's new", but the stupid Geocities banner has positioned itself in my navigation bar and is obscuring those choices, fear not - By clicking on the top right extremity of the popup icon (the up triangle) the icon minimizes. By clicking again on the "x" at the top right corner, the icon vanishes. This is not a hoax to make me money by generating hits to Geocities' counter - I don't have such an account with them - this is merely an aid to safe and happy exploration through my site. Truth is I don't like the banner and don't want it on my page - I do wish they'd let me design one for them.
  2. If you are reading this, you have a frames capable browser. That is not to say you have a Java or Javascript enabled browser. If you have, then you will see the picture at the top of this page dripping water. If not, I hope you see the picture normally. It's just possible however that you will see some exposed html code; an error message, or worse - nothing. If you have a problem with this page, please contact me.


That's that out of the way, onto the Dinosaurs and the first of our new sections, which offers you the opportunity to catch up on Dino related events that you missed. It is entitled "Headzup" and includes reviews and accounts of various palaeo and Dino events across the country. Alas it is not within our power to make this section as good as actually going with all the thrills that come with these things, but at least you'll keep up to date with the latest.

The D.C. Philosophy

We are one of a very many websites on the internet and we are not exactly alone in our coverage of Dinosaurs either. Very many websites offer as much or more information than we humbly do here. Why did we set up? Well, despite the enumerate number of websites, they are not living in an ordered, easily navigable realm - the internet suffers from two disorders: being operated by machines and being cached in on by people. Between the search engines who go by words alone without context and the advertisers who know that and use it to make their product pop to the fore, you have a very bad interface for finding what you want. This is what we are here for. We aren't saying we can predict everybody's dinosaur needs from the internet, but we'll do our bit.

Anyhow - do keep returning to see the latest update to Dinosaur Cornucopia. One of these pretty little days we'll be huge! See you there.

Roll of Honour

A list of the people who have given up their lives in the service of this website


First and foremost, to Chopin Gard - for more help than I could shake a stick at.

To Daniel Bensen, for many things, not least of which, for being my Netscape eyes.

Specifically I would like to address:

Mike Keesey;

Fred Bervoets;

Greg Tarrallo;

Jaime Headden;

Steve Brusatte;

Mike Matheny;

Rijn Gard;

Martin Barnett;

Andrea Kirk;

Neil Ferguson;

Mickey Rowe, and

Mary Kirkaldy - You all know what you did.

For information verification I credit:

Thomas Holtz, Jnr; Mickey Mortimer; Chris Brochu; Ralph Chapman; Paul Sereno; Darren Naish; Toby White; Jack Horner; Timothy Williams; Darryl Jones; George Olshevsky; Tracy Ford; James Cunningham; Matthew Bonnan; Larry Dunn; Greg Paul; Dave Peters


For being my artistic inspiration I credit:

George Stubbs; Robert Bakker; Douglas Henderson; Christopher Srnka; Luis Rey; William McGillivray; Betty Cunningham; Brian Franzac; "Virgil"; Mark "Crash" MCreedy




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