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This photograph is one of a series of pictures of this mural.  To see the rest of the collection, please visit the Tyrannosaurus page or click on the picture


I'm a fan of dinosaurs AND a smart dresser - I guess we all have more than one side to the coin.  Just kidding, in fact I do have a lot of non-dinosaur related interest, namely playing piano and bass and listening to James Brown, Carlos Santana and Larry Graham

Samuel Barnett was born in London, England and has been there ever since.  At the age of 21, he has already had his artwork appear in a number of local publications.  The most recent string to my bow will be my Sinornithosaurus picture appearing in the January edition of the Dallas Palaeontological Society's monthly publication and my artwork being featured on the notorious web-sites:
The Dinosauricon
The official Tinker web-site

Never let it be said that I am a xenophobe - these are my good Swedish friends Eric and Eric... honest, they really were both called Eric!

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