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Hello, and welcome to a website featuring two of the most important media of our time--radio and television. I'm Ken Gomillia, and I will be your tour guide.

My interest in radio started around 1989, when I was a 10-year old living in Waukegan, IL. I enjoyed listening to Chicago stations WBBM-AM (780) and the former WMAQ (670). I also enjoyed listening to the local station WKRS (1220). When my family and I moved to nearby Zion in 1991, I discovered Kenosha station WLIP (1050) and the former Zion station  WKGA (1500).

My interest in TV started as a little boy growing up in North Chicago, IL, watching "Sesame Street", "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", Saturday morning cartoons, and game shows like "Wheel of Fortune", "Family Feud", "Super Password", "The $25,000 Pyramid", "Scrabble", and "The Price is Right". My interest in cable TV really came in 1992, when we had cable of our own. I like cable beacuse you'll find programs that you won't find on regular TV, and the pictures are much clearer!!!
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