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Claire and Leah's Page
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Claire and Leah's Story
-Composed by Karen
    Claire and Leah were born on Sunday, December 23rd 2001, almost 2 months before their due date!  Loren Pittman (of Charlotte, NC and Greenville, NC; ASU alumni) and Karen Hawkins Pittman (of Durham, NC, New Orleans, La and Greenville, NC; ASU alumni) are the very proud parents of these wonderful identical twin girls, whom now all reside in Charlotte.    Although they came into this world at only 4 1/2 pounds each, Claire and Leah's lungs were healthy and strong, and never went on respirators as many premature babies do.  They had all 10 fingers and 10 toes, and although they did not have much fat on their little bodies, many of the nurses were impressed with their mature facial appearance and alertness.  After a 6 weeks stay in the hospital struggling with the common and temporary condition “Apnea and Bradycardia of Prematurity", both girls were home.   
     Claire Loren Pittman and Leah Thomas Pittman were named for all of the men in Karen's life!  Specifically her hubby, Loren Lee Pittman who came from several generations of "Lee's" before him, and her father and brother, Thomas Albert and Thomas Keith  with other "Thomas’s" along the family tree, female as well as male.
   Ironically, Claire shared her first name with the obstetrician whom delivered her and her sister, Dr. Claire S. Bowles, along with Dr. Stephen Moore of the Bradford Clinic.  And sentimentally, Claire and Leah were born at the original Presbyterian Hospital of downtown Charlotte, the same hospital in which their Daddy came into this world!  
     Other very important people in Claire and Leah’s life include their Grandmommy’s, Trudy Young Hawkins and Melissa Torrence Pittman, and Grandpa Rodney Lee Pittman. Also, their living Great-Grandmommy, Mildred Pittman Vess.  And their recently deceased Great-Grandmommy’s, Inez Hawkins and Catherine Young, whom both departed this earth at the end of 2003, just before their 2nd birthday.  Finally, their Godparents, Frank & Amy Neal and Wm R III/ Billy & Cathy Hawkins, along with their Great-Aunt, Rev Pat Hawkins of Christ Methodist Church- Chapel Hill whom Christened them.

NOTE: Most of the pictures on this page will present Claire on the left and Leah on the right.

     We welcome all visitors to come back for updates of this page from time to time.

   Thanks for coming and God bless!
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