Miniature Pinschers

The Miniature Pinscher originated in Germany, but it has been bred in Scandinavian countries. It is not related to the Doberman Pinscher at all. 
It is noted for its lively temperament and intelligence. The Min Pin is proud, vigorous, and playful, even in his old age. It is an ideal size for a house dog. 
The Miniature Pinscher is very possessive of his loved ones, fearless when on guard, and is an alert watch dog. You can see more about the min pins in the AKC Standards.

Precious members of the family are four min pins.  Their personalities are so very different.  Kovu (male) is rather macho.  While Kiara (female) is quite the people dog.  She loves to be held while he would rather just cuddle up next to you. Rusty (male) is a mixture of Kovu and Kiara. He shares a lot of the machoness of Kovu but still is gentle like Kiara. Rufina (female) is the biggest baby of them all. She is about half their size and just loves to be in someone's lap.

As you can see here, Kovu and Simba get along just great.  You would think they are best buds.

Kovu and Simba napping

This is Kovu at about 7 months of age.

Kovu6mths(11340 bytes) Kovu

kiara (31924 bytes) Kiara



Would you like to know more about the breed?  Go here for AKC Standards on the Miniature Pinscher.


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