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Katty Karen's
Welcome to Katty Karen's web page.I was born on December 20 1969 in Elgin Illinois,And soon after I was adopted by Andy and Rose.I lived in Elgin until 1994,when on a whim,a friend and I went to Omaha Nebraska.I met my husband Rick in a nursing home we both worked at.We started dating on 9 26 1998 we got married.Rick has 2 children from a previous marraige Molly and Daniel, and we have developed into a happy fun-loving family.We've lived in Omaha every since.On Feb 4th 2007 I was diagnosed with  Leukemia (AML).My family and friends have been my main support thru all this.My husband made a journal from the day I was diagnosed until now. He will be making a web page / blog soon, so you can read about my journey. Please feel free to leave a messege or comment, and once again thank you for visiting my page. P.S.The 2 cats on top are sisters,  and the 2 on bottom are sisters.
Karen Molly
MY Other Kids
Lilly( The Queen)
Lacy (The Lover)
Kristi ( Critter) ( The Boss )
ChiChi (#1Trouble)
Chili (The Dreamer)
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