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Welcome to my small corner of the Traveller universe! This is my effort to compile most of the good stuff that has been done to support the game by the lunatic fringe that keep the game alive. You know who you are! Many of us have been playing or reading or researching some aspect of Traveller in its many incarnations since the late 70's. Personally, my involvement began in 1981, with an ad in a Dragon magazine, which lead me to search out a small group of people with the urge to play the best RPG ever invented. I am still great friends with the guy that got me hooked on it. There are tons of great sites out there and I link to many of my favorites. Look for others on my link page or on the Traveller Web Ring!

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  You are Traveller # since May 28, 2000

Just what is Traveller?
This is a direct copy from Marc Miller's homepage that sums up just what Traveller really is, I certainly could not say it any better:

Marc Miller decided in 1976 that GDW ought to get into role-playing in a big way. Because Dungeons & Dragons dominated the fantasy market, Marc thought there was an opportunity in the science-fiction market. He worked through May of 1977 creating a three book set detailed Characters & Combat, Starships and Worlds and Adventures. That award-winning set is now called Classic Traveller or the Little Black Books (the LBBs).
• In the next several years, Traveller became the pre-eminent SF RPG. The GDW Traveller series included more than 40 LBBs (9 Books, 13 Adventures, 13 Supplements, 6 Double Adventures, and a miniatures system. In addition, GDW produced several boardgames and a line of Alien Modules.
• In 1987, GDW introduced its second edition titled MegaTraveller. It moved the era forward to the assassination of the Emperor Strephon and the beginning of the Rebellion. The system also introduced Tasks and revised much of the rules.
• In 1993, GDW attempted to unify the Traveller and Twilight: 2000 rules systems. In doing so, the era was again moved forward to the aftermath of the Rebellion. This system was titled Traveller: The New Era.
• In 1996, when GDW closed its doors, Imperium Games picked up the license for the system and produced T4 (Traveller 4th edition).
• In 1998, Steve Jackson Games introduced GURPS Traveller. This system is remarkable in that it uses the GURPS rules system against a background of the Classic Traveller era... one in which the Emperor Strephon was not assassinated. Steve Jackson Games
• In 1999-2000, Far Future Enterprises intends to bring to market T5 (Traveller 5th Edition), the latest edition of Traveller. T5 is currently in draft form and in playtesting

Downport [My Stuff]
I finally got a scanner and actually found some stuff from when I first started playing. There are a few pictures that I drew, dated from the early 80's including a self portrait. I don't have much hair left these days though. 8^)

There are my first ship renderings and a portrait of my first really successful character. The pictures are really old and were done in pencil. I tried to enhance them as much as I could, but they might be a little grainy.

Check it all out here!

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The Traveller Mailing List
The Traveller Mailing List (TML) is open to discussions on all aspects of Traveller. It exists as a means for the Traveller Player/GM to exchange ideas and discuss the various aspects of the Traveller System, and its universe. This includes discussions on GURPS Traveller, Marc Miller's Traveller, Traveller The New Era, MegaTraveller and Classic Traveller. This also includes the background.

The old XBoat mailing list has now been closed. Discussions on Classic Traveller and Mega-Traveller can be made on the TML.

How do I Subscribe?

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WARNING! There is a HUGE amount of email on this list. You will get possibly more than 100 email per day and some days even more, some days around 30. Rarely less. If this is a potential problem for you I suggest the Digest version. You get all the email but its condensed to only a few mailings a day.
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