Scuba Diving

The information provided on these pages is for information purposes only.  SCUBA diving is a dangerous sport and should only be done by certified divers.  If you are interested in learning to dive get trained by a local dive shop.  To find a good shop in your area check out NAUI's or PADI's web pages.

SCUBA diving is an exciting sport that our Crew enjoys.  You enter a whole new world - one that most people never get to see.  Gliding through the water is much like floating through space - its the closest you can get to weightlessness without going into space.  SCUBA has something for everyone - activities range from simple dives on coral reefs, to exploring wrecks, to commercial welding.  The more adventurous can try exploring underwater caves, or specialize in deep diving.  SCUBA diving can be enjoyed by anyone from one to one-hundred.  Try it out!

Introduction: The equipment and what it does

Training: Where to go for training

Underwater Navigation: Our extensive section on the art of underwater navigation & mapping.

Underwater Photography: Simple guide to make the most out of a cheap underwater camera.

Where We Dive: Some information on dives in our home province of Alberta

Printables: Dive masters log, altitude tables and others

Pictures: Visit our pictures section to see diving pictures from around Alberta

Adventures: Read our trip logs from previous dive trips:

  • June 2002 - dive trip to Victoria; complete with pictures, humor, disaster - and a Llama!
  • May 2003 - dive trip, also to Victoria.  Come and meet our 8-legged friend!

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