Welcome to the home page of the Knights of Dionysus Rover Crew. We are part of the Canadian Scouting movement. Our Crew is based in Calgary, Canada. Currently there are fourteen members in our crew; eleven youth and three advisors. We do a wide variety of activities ranging from SCUBA diving to working as volunteer camp counselors. Click here for more info on our crew.

This site contains information on a variety of subjects ranging from Scouting and Rovering to information on canoeing, SCUBA diving, camp craft, navigation and the outdoors in general.

New & Exciting Stuff:

Video's!!!!!  We've released two new video's - check them out!!!
$5 Macro lens.  Instructions on how to make an inexpensive macro lens for your underwater (or land) camera.
Underwater Photography  Check out our new 9-part series on underwater photography!
Underwater Navigation  Nearly 3 years in the making! These 9 separate pages cover the art of underwater navigation and dive-site mapping.

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