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Jan's Gen Page

Hi, Janet here.
Welcome to my Genealogy page.
There's not much here right now but I'm working on it!
If you find one of your names here, please e-mail me.

Genealogy is my hobby, and having already done a book of my ancestors,
I am now concentrating on my husband's line. When I'm not consumed
with family history, my second hobby is painting with oils.
The image below is one of my works. Enjoy!

This page currently concentrates on the LYNDE name
and associated ancestors, who came from various locations in England and
settled and lived in Massachusetts, and Connecticut between 1630-1800.
In around 1803 Jabez Lynde, with his wife Clarissa (Woodruff) moved to
Canada near Whitby Ontario. Their home is now known as
The Lynde House Museum, at Cullen Gardens, north of Whitby.

Allen, Alton, Alwyn, Aylesbury, Baddington, Baldwin, Beeston,

Bell, Bowling(e), Brown, Bryan, Byfield, Calthorp, Carell, Carew,

Carter, Chawkley, Collingridge, Coney, Converse, Crackbone,

Curtis, Dalton, Deming, Dormer, Dorre, Duncombe, Felt, Fitzalan,

Gaylord, Gelly, Gilbert, Goodrich, Goody, Gregory, Gyllyt,

Hawkins, Hill, Hills, Holmes,Howe, Hutchins, Judd, Kindal,

King(e), Launcelyn, Long, Lonsdale, Lynde, Marvin, Meade,

Nichols, Parker, Pierce, Platts, Plumb, Prescott, Richardson,

Salmon, Sawyer, Sevenoak, Smith, Taylor, Treat (Trott),

Tufts, Warner,Wellemonte, Wells, Whittemore,

Wilkinson, Wood, Woodruff, Wright, Wyman

Some of my Favorite Places:

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Please come back soon and visit me.

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many
generations; ask thy father, and he will show thee;
thy elders and they will tell thee."
Deut. 32:7

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